When should I see some difference in my numbers?

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about 2 months ago I had lab work and it showed my A1c was up to 5.9. Doc told me to watch my pasta, rice and sugars. Its not like I eat any of these every day. Pasta maybe once every 2 weeks rice perhaps 2-3 times a week. I use very little sugar as I have used sweet and low for over 60 years. I also do not eat a lot of sweet foods either. I went to the local nutrition store and Dr Dan recommended taking Carb Transfer. I have been taking this for weeks and just wonder by now if my AiC possibly could be normal? SInce Diabetes runs in my Mom's family I am a little concerned. I would really like to know ASAP if the A1c has changed either one way or the other. Is it too soon? If so, how long should I wait.

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Chopstix 2018-06-09 12:52:34 -0500 Report

First thing is do not expect overnight results especially when using natural products. Depending on your body and what you are taking it may take a few days or a few weeks before you start to any results. Rice can raise most people's blood glucose levels. Do you eat white rice only? If so you may want to switch to brown, wild and/or black rices. After I was diagnosed the hardest thing I had to learn was what foods will and will not spike me. White foods I try to stay away from and found have out some restaurants will charge extra for none white bread like whole wheat. I've found taking a teaspoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar twice a day does my body good. You can put into a glass of water if it's too strong for you. Don't forget movement(walking, dancing) helps to keep your blood glucose down without having to go to a boring gym.

Type1Lou 2018-06-04 16:31:43 -0500 Report

A1c is a reflection of your Blood Glucose control over the past 2 to 3 months. Any carbohydrates are converted to sugar by your body so just limiting "sugars" is frequently not the solution. Rice, in particular has a rather high glycemic index. Should your next A1c show little or no improvement, I would counsel you to count all of the carbohydrate grams that you eat on a daily basis and reduce your daily carb grams. You should see a reduction in your A1c by reducing your daily carbohydrate intake. Read the food labels of everything you buy for serving size and carb counts. For foods without labels (e.g. fruit and produce) consult a carb guide or app like "Calorie King". By becoming carbohydrate-aware and limiting you carb intake, you should see improvement.

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