Vacation Time is Here. Eating on the Go.

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When I travel, it's usually in a car, so I have a little more control over what, where and when I stop to eat or take my breaks. But for those who travel on planes, it can be harder to know what options are out there and may take a little more planning.

Adam's book "Bright Spots and Landmines" tackles some of these issues. He shares how he prepackages his snacks and what he does about tight schedules and lack of sleep and how it creates some crazy cravings. Boy do I know about those.

Here is his excerpt from his book:

He shares his choices, his methods and even his CGM results with foods he ate. It is very practical and a great way to get you or your loved one who is diabetic ready for a great vacation with a little less stress.

The only thing I do slightly differently is that I will have a trail mix that has dried fruit in it for hiking. I had an experience a couple of years ago where I was eating wonderfully low carb, but my extra activity with hiking plummeted me into some dangerous lows. So that is my only exception, but the rest of what he shares is great.

Have fun on your vacations, but remember, diabetes doesn't take a vacation and being on top of your game will make your vacation a great one.

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Pegsy 2018-06-07 09:40:35 -0500 Report

I'm on a trip right now. For my flight here I packed cheese sticks, nuts and a small portion of cherries. I was pretty hungry at the airport and felt I didn't pack enough food for the flight so I bought a Caesar salad. That was plenty. For my return trip tomorrow I plan to pack pretty much the same thing but I'll make my own salad. It was pretty expensive at the airport!

When we take car trips I pack a box or cooler of similar foods in the car. I also include hard boiled eggs, Cheerios and almond milk. Sometimes the free breakfast offered by motels are nothing but a carb/sugar fest!

When we travel with our RV we will often stop at a rest area and I will cook meals rather than eat at restaurants. It's a lot less expensive and I have total control over what I eat. I know exactly what I'm getting. Too many surprises after eating at restaurants.

Type1Lou 2018-06-03 15:46:35 -0500 Report

I travel by plane on average 3X a year. I've learned to pack what I want for my lunch and snacks…that way, I better control what I eat, know the carb content of it and save myself a ton of money in the process.