Improving Control after Poor Care

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Hi, I have been a type 1 diabetic for 14 years, but the last couple of years I have had extreme difficulty taking care of myself (Very high A1C, trying to avoid going to the doctors) I have started going to a therapist, and am beginning to feel better and care about my health again. It ends up that I was pretty depressed, and had stopped trying to care for myself. Even though I was functioning well in the other parts of my life. I am in a better mental state now, and trying to improve my care. But, I am worried because I have been in this place before, where I start to feel better about wanting to care for myself, but then I fall off of the band wagon. I am also worried about how to communicate with my doctor about what has been going on, and how I am feeling.

Any advice for how to stay motivated and reform the good habits I lost? Or how to talk with my doctor about how the last couple of years have gone, and what I am doing now?


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Stuart1966 2018-06-01 20:01:55 -0500 Report

Print out what YOU wrote here, if telling them is somehow difficult.

Now lets explore what this "falling off the wagon" means? That implies all kinds of thingsā€¦ there is nothing you are going to tell a doctor, and certainly not one with serious EXPERTISE with Type 1 Diabetes which they have not heard a million times before. How you phrase it will be different, the words you use will be yours BUT they will be very familiar with the big picture,

What is causing trouble for you? What tools which you have will you use to stay where you desire to be?

I cannot change any past. Can you? Go forward, not backward my diabetic siblingā€¦. FORWARD

GabbyPA 2018-05-29 14:02:19 -0500 Report

Finding a doctor you are comfortable with is a huge part of good care. I had one that moved away and I miss her so much. I could tell her anything and she looked at everything going on at the same time. Lots of times she dumped the "diabetic" side and looked at my emotional and even external things going on around me. So much makes us who we are, not just our diabetes.

Getting back on track is a great step and I can't promise you won't get burnt out again. It's hard to maintain something so long term. It can seem pointless some days, but keeping in mind things you want to see happen in your life can help a lot. Dreams, goals and the like often inspire me at various times to keep on doing good, making better choices. When I cave, I pay...every time. That is one thing I am certain of.

I try to keep in my mind the feeling I have when I have a really good day on all fronts. When my numbers are good, my day was productive, my joy high and my sleep sound. Those days give me glimpses into what works for me.

There is also a great book out there by Adam Brown called "Bright Spots and Land Mines" He is a type 1 diabetic that is very open about his ups, downs and all of his experiments. It's a very encouraging book with practical work sheets as well to help get a focus going.

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