Denial about my Type 2

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I was diagnosed back in Feburary and at first I was doing great checking my sugar. Then my despression mainly set in and I started not even trying to eat good or check my sugar. I have gotten a bit better and I am trying to get back on track. I think one of the reasons I tend to go into denial is because I lost my mom back in 2012 to a Diabetic Coma when I was 18. I think sometimes I want to pretend that it is nonexistent. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this phase of denial and what you did to come out of it. I was also wondering what other people use to track their sugar levels and their meals. I'm thankful for groups like this who understand.

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Chopstix 2018-05-28 11:02:11 -0500 Report

hi, there! I've used Blood Glucose Tracker, OnTrack and am currently using Medisafe which can keep track of a lot of measurements including medication, blood glucose, HbA1c, weight and so on. I think the more I learned about being a person with Diabetes the more comfortable I became with it. Unfortunately the doctor who diagnosed me only gave me a one page pamphlet of information and I've more or less have had to teach myself how to care myself. You can do this! Some times it may seem like it's overwhelming but you can do it. At first I thought I would be hard after awhile it started to become easier and I could do things I need to do without much thought behind it.

Dia-goth 2018-05-22 15:30:07 -0500 Report

Hi there… I have done this exact same thing a dozen or more times since my diagnosis 27 years ago. The last time it lasted about 4 years and resulted in me becoming a double amputee at 37 years old. I know what you are going through hell I still have had it happen even after losing my legs 3 years ago! But you can't give up the fight girl! As much as you want to ignore it and "be normal" we just can't… Or if you do you start losing body parts or organs fail and we die…simple as that. If you want to support each other on a more direct level let me know. Gods know I could use another person who understands. My husband supports me but he doesn't quite"get it" ya know? Lol… Head up girl… We got your back!

Harlen 2018-05-21 20:25:28 -0500 Report

Ben there done that .
Got a grip on my bs and i will be dealing with it the rest of my life .
For me it will always be a fight .i will win lol

Michele18045 2018-05-31 15:25:03 -0500 Report

Hi…I'm new here but I was wondering how long it took you to get your numbers on track? And was it just diet and exercise? I need help ☹️

GabbyPA 2018-05-17 17:22:11 -0500 Report

I go through not so much denial now, but I just get burned out trying to keep on top of things every day. I get my "don't give a crap" mood. It is not a good place to be and fortunately the longer you have this, the less denial comes into play.

The best thing for me when I stray from my path is to keep a journal for a while and let it talk to me about what I am doing wrong and right. It helps me to see it on paper (or in an app or however you work best)

Loosing mom to anything is hard. Diabetic comas can happen for many reasons, but one is that you just don't take care. So don't follow in her foot steps. Break the cycle. You can do it. We are here to help in any way we can.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2018-05-14 20:20:54 -0500 Report

I had a friend who denied diabetes. Not the key word is HAD. She is no longer with us because she didn't take care of herself and she was an insulin dependent Type 2. She went into a Diabetic Coma and never came out of it.

If you want to live and be as healthy as possible, you have to get help for the Depression if you are not already getting that help. Diabetes is not like playing the game of Life because you will lose.

I am sorry you lost your mom to the disease. You really have to do what you can to get back on track. I never went through denial for the simple reason I value my life more than anyone else.

Not one person was born with a life expectancy stamped on their foreheads guarantying them that they will never encounter health problems as we move through the many phases of our lives. You will encounter road blocks. You can do one of two things: A) you can stay stuck in that spot or B) you can get yourself around it by finding something that works for you.

I have Diabetes, It does not have me. I control my diabetes, it does not control me. Good luck to you.

CatDog2018 2018-05-14 20:29:58 -0500 Report

You are exactly right and My mom, unfortunately, lost her battle as your friend did because she did not take care of it. Thank you for your kind word of encouragement I definitely needed them. Have a great day.

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