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I'm new to this site and a mother of a, soon to be, 3 yo boy with Diabetes Type 1. Being a "T1"-mother is sometimes challenging, but being a mother is a bliss! It can really annoy me when people get opinionated and think they know everything about diabetes. "Does your son have the "good" or "bad" type?", "You know it'll grow away with age, right?", "Are you sure he can eat THAT?!"

There is no such thing as "good" or "bad" diabetes - all types suck, big time!
No, he will, unless science makes really fantastic progress, live with his diabetes until the end, it will NOT grow away.
Yes, I'm pretty sure he can eat THAT, unless it's poison, and then he can eat that too - but only ones… but seriously, he can eat anything foodrelated as long as I count the carbs and supply the insulin.

GAAAH! People sometimes should mind their own business.

Well, I have a huge overstock of diabetic supplies that still are new, un-used and in factory sealed boxes due to brand change of pump, cgm and glucose meter. Tried selling on eBay but their policy will not allow for example reservoirs, infusion sets and sensors to be sold. Does anyone here know a channel to sell these things as the maker/supplier will not take them back, or should I just bin them/leave them for destruction - seems like such a waste to do that?

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Type1Lou 2018-03-06 15:34:37 -0600 Report

You might ask your son's endocrinologist if he knows of a place where you cold donate the items. Or maybe your local JDRF chapter might be able to help. I don't believe it is legal for you to sell prescription items. It would be an awful waste to just trash them.

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