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I have type 1 uncontrolled diabetes and was diagnosed in Dec 2016. My numbers run over 450 all the time,my a1c is over 15. My Dr wants me on pump but have no insurance and can't afford to buy it. Is there any program to help me to get the pump?

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Type1Lou 2018-03-03 18:00:05 -0600 Report

Any insight about why you are uncontrolled? I love my insulin pump and it has given me tighter control of my diabetes but not without effort and frequent testing on my part along with modification of my diet and adding regular exercise.. What kind of diet are you following? Do you count your daily carb intake? (You must tell your pump how many carbs your are eating prior to each meal or snack so it can calculate the correct bolus insulin for you.) Do you have an exercise routine? What kind of insulin therapy are you currently using? (I'm assuming Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) of fast-acting insulin for meals and corrections and one or 2 daily injections of a long-acting insulin for your basal insulin needs) How often do you test your BG's? Individual pump manufacturers like Medtronic or OmniPod might have programs to help you. Pumping, in general, is a more expensive option than MDI. The pump itself is costly but the pump supplies (infusion sets and reservoirs) also add up. Infusion sites and reservoirs should be changed every 3 or 2 days. If you add a Continuous Glucose Monitor, the cost also increases with those supplies costing around $400/month last time I checked (I don't use a CGM but am relatively well-controlled with an A1c of 6.2. I do test my BG eight times a day and adjust my pump's insulin delivery to try and stay in range.) I hope you can achieve better control…your life depends upon it.