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Joe Brown 780
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I am looking for tips from well-traveled people. I'll be out of the country for about 5 weeks and any diabetes life hacks for long trips would be appreciated!

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Type1Lou 2018-02-16 14:16:59 -0600 Report

Bring twice the amount of supplies that you think you will need and pack them all in your carry-on. You never know about delays. Since I'm on an insulin pump, I also bring a back-up pump with me (my original old pump still works) and syringes and a long-acting insulin…probably overkill but I know I have it if I need it. Depending upon where you go, it might be helpful to carry a doctor's note in case your supplies are questionned by the security people in airports or border crossings. With a pump, Medtrronic has advised us NOT to go through the full-body scanners at airports. When we went on a Baltic Sea cruise some years back, I used google-translate to write out "I have diabetes and use an insulin pump. My insulin pump cannot be subjected to x-rays or magnetic body scanners without danger of damage." Bon voyage!

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