Discontinuing Metformin With Low Carb Diet for Type 2

By NewSong53 Latest Reply 2018-02-11 11:37:41 -0600
Started 2018-02-09 17:57:46 -0600

Has anyone here been able to discontinue metformin and insulin (both) through diet and intermittent fasting? And, if so, did you experience any weight gain afer discontinuing metformin? I've been searching the internet and found some people experience a weight gain, even though they continue to eat the same, etc. — only difference being discontinuance of Metformin. I think that metformin helps with glycogenosis (sp?). Does glycogenosis ever ease up with diet? I've heard that Metformin used long-term can contribute to anxiety for some and, because I've been on it for probably 15 years (when I could afford it) that concerns me. I have been taking 10 mg citalopram for anxiety and even though I've tried, I cannot do without it. But I don't like the way it makes me feel physically. Thanks.

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GabbyPA 2018-02-11 11:37:41 -0600 Report

I have stopped my oral meds, but not my insulin. It is a goal, but I also have not been working as hard at it as I had before.

Pegsy 2018-02-10 12:19:24 -0600 Report

I am pretty sure I am experiencing anxiety from Metformin use. I've been on it for about 5 years. I'd love to get off of it. It's my understanding that it helps with weight loss. I don't know about weight gain when stopping it. I do know that you shouldn't stop it abruptly but reduce it gradually, just like when starting it. I am seriously thinking about tapering off of it just to see how it goes. I can always resume it if things don't go well. If you plan to go off of it, we should stay in touch and compare notes!

NewSong53 2018-02-10 13:38:01 -0600 Report

Thanks for the response. I've been wondering if Metformin has contributed to my anxiety. I might cut my anxiety med down from 10mg to 5mg once I taper off my metformin. Right now I'm on 1000mg 2 x day and I don't see a lot of difference (especially since I've done 36 hr, 25 hr and 18 hr fasts). I stopped the Levemir because I had to just keep using more and more all t he time — it was crazy. Now, my BG numbers are the same as they were with increasing doses of Levemir. The amount of carbs and total calorie count seem to be the things that were keeping my numbers high. Now I'm shooting for healthier, high fiber carbs. Today I'm cutting my metformin down to 500mg 2 x day for at least 2 or 3 weeks to see what happens. I'll keep you updated!

UPDATE: This morning my fasting BG was about 25 points higher than yesterday. So I've decided to take 500 mg metformin 3 x day. It seems to be working well! I'll post later when I'm ready to go to the next level.

Consueloj 2018-02-09 22:30:39 -0600 Report

From the time of my T-2 diagnosis - until I decided to discontinue taking Metformin - was 5 months. I had drastically changed my way of eating to very low carb, moderate protein, higher fat and intermittent fasting - and had lost a good amount of weight. Once I voluntarily stopped the Met - I continued to lose weight at a steady pace.
Maybe I was not on it long enough to make a weight changing impact? I was never on insulin and now almost 2 1/2 years post Metformin - I maintain a 5.0 A1C and manage my weight with that continued way of eating, lots of exercise, supplements and almost daily 18 hour fasting.
I have not heard of anxiety issues on Metformin. I stopped taking it because of massive hair loss. Enough was enough.

Pegsy 2018-02-10 12:23:23 -0600 Report

I too experienced hair loss on Metformin. It improved when my dosage was reduced by half. It has improved even more since my stress levels have come way down.

I think it's great that you have been able to maintain a 5.0 A1c after stopping Metformin. I really think I could do that by incorporating fasting into my plan. But I can't fast while on Metformin. I just can't tolerate it on an empty stomach. Such a catch 22!

NewSong53 2018-02-10 06:42:28 -0600 Report

Thanks very much! I'm glad to know you were able to continue losing weight and maintain your A1c. Especially that you're able to maintain it with 18 hour fasting! I've had hair loss in the past — some of it is regrowing with supplements, but it's still not my "normal" hair. This gives me extra incentive to keep pushing with the low carb/high fat and intermittent fasting. And I've decided to increase my protein level, since my plan was to restrict it even further. I think now that it would be a mistake to do so.