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For anyone out there that is like me,unemployed with no insurance and living in Florida…

In case you are not aware, Earlier this year, Florida began offering insurance to those under 65 without insurance. No, it is not free but it helps especially those of us out here who need blood tests and supplies and doctor visits more than many. It also does not keep you out of it for pre-existing conditions though there is a little clause in there somewhere. I guess it depends what the condition is and how serious. I had already been diagnosed with diabetes and it did not keep me out of the plan nor did it exclude me from anything.

Go to the official website of Florida which is and look for a small yellow box that says cover florida OR do a search. You can get a quote on-line. IF you talk to the insurance people make sure they don't try to push you into plan II. I had asked about plan I but they sent me plan II so read before you sign. Also, they charge you for two months not one when they bill. For those of us on a fixed income or no income that can be an issue.

Depending on age and county you will find out who offers the lowest rates and you will probably have at least two choices as I did. The premium is also based on age and for mine at 57 it is $61 a month. My prescriptions alone run close to that so it is a win win for me. They pay up to $15 per script. Blood tests are no charge if you use Quest labs and doctors already agree to take a lower amount than out of pocket would cost. IE: I just used a specialist who charges $250 for an evaluation but it cost me only $113.00.

There are two plans called Cover FL I and II. The second is almost $200 but includes hospitalization. I can't do that one right now. For now, going to my doctor and having my tests etc as well as meds and diabetic supplies will more than pay for the premium as I said. I don't know what they allow for supplies but right now I have none.

PS There was almost a double difference in premiums between my two offers but I don't see much in the way of additonal benefits for the higher one. Compare and ask questions. Again, WATCH before you sign. BCBS of FL even lets you choose the date you want it effective and when it will be due. I had it within 10 days of sending them the application and in 15 days I had my card and a huge packet with information. You also get other discounts on things. Dental is covered too at reduced prices as is vision.

I know that other states have similar plans so check your official state site. In MA they even give it to people on unemployment for either free or an amazing low cost…lower than this. COBRA is a joke…my job wanted $400 a month for just me. I had been paing under a $100. Does that mean that unemployed people are paying for the ones with a job? I know that with diabetes we have to watch our health more than many people must…

Anyway, I just wanted to share this because even my doctor did not know about this plan and he is ON IT! I mentioned it to him and he said he didn't know what that was…I said you are on it…he said "I AM?"

Anyway, it seems to me that many people are unaware of this insurance for whatever reason. I remember when they first mentioned it on TV but have heard little since then.

We all need help especially with diabetes so hopefully this will lift the burden off some of my fellow Floridians as well as get others to check out their own states to see if there is anything similar.

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flgrits 2010-06-16 11:14:12 -0500 Report

FL is my home state, moved away because of following grands to CA and now in Tn. I am glad to hear they have a good, somewhat affordable plan. The one like that here in Tn is still too expensive. People are surprised to hear that I am now paying $110 for Medicare and $40 for the drug supplement. Next year I will be 65 and buy a supplement and that is really going to take a chunk of money. For those of you who think Medicare is free with s.s., it is not and the supplelments vary, but I want one that pays well with little or no copays.

DiabetesDiva 2009-09-08 15:24:36 -0500 Report

We need affordable insurance for all. I used to work in HR, so I understand the COBRA is much higher than the amount you paid while employed. You are not paying for the employed with the higher COBRA premium. Your EMPLOYER has actually paid the difference. Say the premium is $500 a month, you pay $100 and the employer paid $400. My husband is retiring and if we want to keep the same healthinsurance it will cost $1400 a month for two of us. Right now, it's on $72 a month. Our age (58)
accounts for higher premiums too.

FLDawn 2009-09-08 20:12:50 -0500 Report

Thanks for the reply…I worked for the county and just find it hard to believe they paid that big a difference. I have heard that the employer pays it. I know our age makes a difference in the premium as I am in the same bracket as you sighhh. Thanks again.

Netqueen 2009-09-17 22:39:22 -0500 Report

On, that guy doesn't have much good to say about this Florida Cover Insurance. But if you need something I figure it is better than NOTHING. I left my husband last Sept 08 and have been maintaining my high risk policy from Missouri and need to obtain insurance in Florida, but without a job I do not have much money to work with so need to find something. At least this sounds affordable. But can I wait till I turn 65 and can get Medicare to get hospital coverage? That's what's scary when we already have medical problems with our disease. I am going to continue to try and find employment but at 58 that is not an easy thing either. :-(

FLDawn 2009-10-03 12:56:15 -0500 Report

I have been on the Cover Florida plan Option I since August. To give you an idea on savings

My prescriptions cost me nothing…that alone now pays the $61 a month premium.

I needed to see a specialist. His first evaluation would have been $250 I do not have…my actual out of pocket cost was $113.00

My second appointment was to have tests done on my nerves in my fingers, hands etc. Actual cost was almost $1200. My cost will be $400.

They also pay $50 a month towards diabetes supplies as long as you have a script.

Diabetes nutrition with an authorized person is paid for by this

As a diabetic you can have your nails done and corns etc by a Podiatrist.

You are allowed a yearly physical, flu shot, they pay $50 towards the agreed price of the doctor in contract with them. They pay for urgent care if you go there instead of an emergency room unless you really have to go. It doesn't pay for ER etc at least not option one.

Yes, when you have nothing and can now afford to go to a doctor for diabetes I would say that it is worth it. The premium would not pay for the out of pocket cost of the visit so I am very happy.

Would I love an HMO? Absolutely, I say HMO because I always used them and was happy. But for now this is a good thing and open for anyone without insurance ages 18-64. I say $61 because that is for my age group (I am 57)

I took a gamble trying it and it paid off. They even let you pick the payment date out of several. So far knock wood I am happy with the service and find when I call that they are pleasant and professional.

There is a Nurse line to call about anything you want in regard to health questions.

There is Dental included

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