Heat and eat recipes?

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Hello! I will be going out of town for about a week and I'm looking for tried and true recipes that I can cook up beforehand and leave for my boyfriend. He is Type II. If I can find dishes that he can heat quickly, I think he may have a better chance of sticking to a reasonable diet in my absence. Any suggestions…specifically, breakfast ideas, but all input is welcome. Thank you!

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Annie531 2018-01-21 10:48:42 -0600 Report

Fill a muffin tin with a breakfast meat of choice ( precooked ) and add cheese, spinach, mushrooms , and always poor in some egg mixture , basically eggs beaten and whatever he likes and then bake them in the over and put a couple in a ziplock and freeze them. He can toss them into the microwave and enjoy for a meal of his choice. Home made vege soups are always good also. Salads in a jar is another.

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