Diabetic wound care

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I've just had my first experience with a slow healing wound. I have a large surgical scar on my belly. Recently, because it extends up last my waisrline, the skin (which is very thin there), dried out, cracked and rubbed a very small raw spot. I kept a good eye on it, dubbed it regularly with antibiotic ointment and tried to keep it covered ( problematic for me because I'm allergic to medical adhesive). It didn't heal. Finally, at my regular appt, I asked my Dr about it. (Several weeks had passed by then.). Off to wound care I went. They gave me a few products that had it cleared up and healed in a little over a week, including some silicone bandages that didn't itch or leave large welts on my skin and they were waterproof too. And I want to add this happened in spite of having good diabetic control. Your sugars don't have to be running amok for this to happen. Keep a good eye on any wound you have, not just feet and legs.

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Another thing that works is called "Bia Fine" my dermatologist recommended it. If the pharmacy doesn't have it you can order it online. It has an enzyme in it that promotes healing, actually comes from avocados—PS I am in my 64th year of being a type 1.