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Just switched from United Healthcare to Aetna and have been using A-plus medical for supplies for 13 years— my deductible went from $600.00 to $8000.00! I called Aetna and they say this is a out-of-network provider. Even if I find an In-Network-Provider the deductible is $4000.00! And ideas on where to get supplies?

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Type1Lou 2018-01-09 07:58:28 -0600 Report

Why did you switch from a lower-deductible policy to one with a much higher deductible? Lower monthly premium costs are not always the best solution…and sometimes, it is cheaper (out-of-pocket) to obtain some drugs without insurance rather than using your insurance. You might want to glance at my discussion about this: Items like insulin and pump supplies can and do add up quickly.

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