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Hello. Lately i have a blood sugar of 140 and above in the morning and two hoirs after meal. But my hba1c is 5.8. And i am on lipitor since one year. I am also on a low sugar and carbs diet for 2 months but sugar level is same. Then now even with ongalyza medicine it still ranging between 140 to 165. Can anyone please advice what should i do more. And why the hbac1 is normal.

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GabbyPA 2018-01-06 06:30:31 -0600 Report

You could be dipping lower in other parts of the day. That is the problem with testing not so often, you don't see what is happening through out your day. The other thing you might want to check is to see if your meter is coming in high. Next time you go to your doctors office and they test your levels, whip out your meter and test at the same time to see if they are close.

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