Wishing well on all the DC community on this Christmas morn.

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Started 2017-12-25 06:50:45 -0600

And for those who already celebrated Chanukah and those who will celebrate Kwanzaa, enjoy the time of fellowship with your families and friends. All these festivals come at the turning of the Sun and so we celebrate them with light and unfortunately for some of us food. Don't let others drag you down into hyperglycemia, just refuse with a glowing smile and a "no thank you."

For those of us who are Jewish find someone to take any left over chocolate gelt and hopefully you ate latkes made from something besides potatoes, mmmm, I love me some potato latkes, but there are all kinds of them.

I don't know the food temptations of Kwanzaa but I am sure they are yummy and some not on my list of foods I can eat.

Blessing on all of you, especially during this time of holy days and holidays. May God be with you as we end the year and look forward to a new year.

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2018-01-05 15:12:55 -0600 Report

Hey Luis, I haven't been in touch with you in awhile. So nice to see you. I hope you had a great holiday. Happy New Year!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2017-12-25 19:30:03 -0600 Report

Happy Holidays to you. I do not celebrate Kwanzaa but the foods are ethnic based. The dishes are African, Caribbean and Cajun. Very high in protein with veggies, fruits, nuts, and some starches such as rice.

GabbyPA 2017-12-25 13:23:13 -0600 Report

For me it is a little weird this year. My mom is in Hospice care and I am with her taking care of her in Arizona, away from my home. I asked her for the menu of Christmas day and it is, well....a carboholics dream. I think it is her last, and her condition doesn't allow any of the food to pass so it is all mouth taste for her. So I am giving her what she wants. I can deal with me later. I just had some ham, sugar free home made cranberry sauce and little stuffing and a traditional jello salad we make. She can have the cup cakes, cream corn and candy canes. LOL.

All of that aside, this Christmas has taught me that the pettiness we may have in our lives needs to be addressed and mended. My mom will not be with me much longer, and I plan to spoil her the whole time. It took me away from home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and most likely New Years as well, but our lives should be more than just holidays. Every day, we should take care of ourselves, loves those around us and always make the most of the opportunities we are afforded, even when they seem like bad ones.

Celebrate life, in what manner you choose. Just do it in love, joy and peace.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2017-12-25 19:31:11 -0600 Report

The best way to deal with pettiness is to not buy into it. I started the year off not dealing with stupidity and idiocy. Worked for me.