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By bscmom3 Latest Reply 2009-09-16 06:28:35 -0500
Started 2009-09-07 13:44:50 -0500

Anyone looking for help with medication and dont have insurance there is a program from norvo nordisk. It is very generous with the income cutoff and I qualified for it even though I made to much for medicaid. I recieve free 90 day supply of meds every 90 days for the next year It is a god send.

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Turtle 2009-09-12 03:27:40 -0500 Report

Wow! great info. I am not on meds for diabetes right now but I cannot even afford my meds for my epilepsy! Thanks for the info.

darla1956 2009-09-16 06:28:35 -0500 Report

HI Turle, I am a diabetes 2, I stay hungry at night also, as matter of fact, I think I eat more since I started on my medication

Jipwhip 2009-09-10 21:35:17 -0500 Report

Yes it would be helpful to have a name for the program so I could give it to others the don't have insurance.

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