Discrimination at Work

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Visit this website if you feel that you have been discriminated against for your diabetes at your job. It is very informative. We all need to educate our bosses, but we also need to know our rights. I know some of you have expressed concern in this area.

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Jacquejo 2010-08-22 12:54:09 -0500 Report

Not really sure that I have been discrikminated against. Was asked by my boss to look for a doctor nearer. The doctor which let me go for eight years being diabetic was 30 miles away. My new doctor is aboout 37 miles away. The hospital in the town I live in a would not take a dead animal there for teatment. Also asked where to take me in a medical emergency. I gave them the closest hospital which my present doctor goes to. I have a good doctor now and will only change him if he retires or dies.
I let the one boss know when I was first dianosed and had safe gards such as sugar tablets and jell placed in my office along with what to do with hyper and hypoglycemia. I have never had the systems of either. My diabetes is under control. All I keep thinking that there was more of a chance of a medical emergency when I was going to the doctor who did not treat me.
I was asked in my annual review if I would be able to preform my job. Thought that kind of an odd question.

mkycnfxt 2010-08-22 07:33:56 -0500 Report

I have not been discriminated about my diabetes yet… But back work restrictions yes. They don't seem to know what permanent restrictions mean. contacted EEOC legals in process admitted to 17 out of 22 charges. I just hate it when they ask me daily if I have taken my meds for today and I always say you can't ask me that it is discriminating me but they still do. Can you say DUH.

Mair 2010-08-21 15:58:23 -0500 Report

Hello I live in PA:

I became very frustrated with the lack of enforcement of descrimination laws in Pennsylvania. In 2008 I suffered with sleep apnea and my nose would hemmorage. I was on cPap did not work for me. I am type 2 diabetic.
My doctor advised that I have surgery ASAP. I was even taken by ambulance from my place of work for a nose hemmorage. Anyway My boss told me he would only give me three weeks off and two were my vacation weeks. My doctor wrote a letter and stated it is a major surgery and 5 weeks is pushing it.
My boss would not relent. I had the surgery and developed an infection which required a second surgery. I was still able to get back by the fifth week. I was terminated from my job.

I sent all my documented paperwork to the AMA and was told That there was only 25 people at the location I worked at but 400 worldwide so i did not qualify for FMLA. They went on to say I had a write to privately sue the company but they would not continue because there was quote" no other person in the office that had sleep apnea and who was fired therefor there was no comparrison that the company discriminated.

In Pennsylvania and in states that have at will employment the employier has you by the neck so to speak and they do as they please. I could not afford to sue on my own I was out of work deep in debt and still unable to fine fulltime work above poverty wage. Sorry to vent but the reality is harsh and just because there is a law does not mean it is to the average workers advantage.

James chicagokid
James chicagokid 2010-08-21 13:46:17 -0500 Report

I worked at Macy's in Southern Illinois for 1 day then I was let go but they tried to say I wasn't doing my job but I found out later it was because I put on the application that I have type 2 Diabetes.they didn't want the responsibility if somthing happened to me so they let me go.Now where ever I go and fill out an application I can't find a job because I put it down.But I have to be truthful I can't put down that I don't have it and if something happens to me I'd be the one in trouble for lying.I even have a letter from my Doctor saying I can return to work but no one wants to take that chance.

rbergman 2009-03-12 11:04:54 -0500 Report

Before I was laid off I worked at a public high school, where we also had students that were diabetic and both were on pumps, in the grade school there were also children that had diabetes. For me there was never any discrimination because I myself was diabetic and after reading that I do feel fortunate for that. When I found what I thought was another job for me, it was at a hotel working the desk on the graveyard shift, after a couple weeks I was having so much trouble getting my BGL's right because I would work 4 nights then have 3 off and the day/night change wasn't working, when I went to my doctor about this she told me that I would have to give up the graveyard shift because of what it was doing to my diabetes control, when I talked to the hotel management about this, there was no other shift available and therefore they had to let me go since the doctor did not want me working graveyards. I had been on unemployment after the lay-off from the school and the hotel filled out the paperwork along with my doctor so that I was able to get unemployment again, so they too really didn't discriminate against me for the disease, they actually helped me by filling out the proper paperwork so that I could at least draw unemployment.

chemteacher57 2009-09-15 12:21:07 -0500 Report

I retired from public school a year ago. I did not face any discrimination from the school system. However, I was in administration and the stress that I was facing was making my diabetes VERY HARD to control. I had worked with one diabetic that lost her eye sight from diabetes complications. I did not want that. Now I am doing 3 part-time jobs and staying busy. Only one of them has created some stress, but I work at that one when I want to as I started working with them just to help them in a pinch. They aren't needing me as much now, so I don't face the stress. So, in a way, even though the job place isn't discriminating against diabetics, it can make T2D much harder to control which can lead to the need to choose between the job or your health!

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-12 08:35:19 -0500 Report

The site is great and I just had a friend going through this. I have talk to her already and gave her this info and she wasvery happy to receive it. Thanks Gabby for sharing…Debe

mike67 2009-03-11 23:04:22 -0500 Report

thank you for the site address, i have been discriminated against at least three times because of diabetes from employers in the past.

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