Medicare May Have to Own Up, Finally

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Oh, this is exciting for those of us who are trying to get Medicare to cover your CGM. Check out this article:

Here is a piece from it.
"Recently, a District Court in Wisconsin ruled that a Medtronic MiniMed CGM, which is not approved for insulin dosing, meets Medicare’s definition of durable medical equipment (DME). The court ruling is a potential win in the fight to get Medicare coverage for all CGMs. Parrish Law Offices is now gathering individuals who have been denied CGM coverage on the grounds that their CGM is not DME to contact them and join a group appeal.

If you have not submitted a claim for CGM coverage yet, or if you have submitted a claim that was denied, you can reach out to Parrish Law Offices. Parrish Law Offices is offering to represent Medicare beneficiaries on a contingency basis so fees are only recovered if they are successful on your claim (some costs, e.g., filing fees, postage will be charged to beneficiaries). "

This is good news guys!

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