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I am currently on medication for my neuropathy and it does help but when I go to bed, I still experience aches in my legs and burning in my feet that keep me from going right to sleep. My physician suggested getting diabetic shoes to help. Does anyone currently wear them and have they helped? The ones I have found are extremely expensive (and not particularly appealing) but if they work, I feel they would be worth the expense. Thanks for any advice.

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I wear diabetic shoes, and yes, they can be expensive. Mine were just over $130.00. However, I do have insurance that paid for them. Also, I got the tennis shoes with a very good arch support in them. It took awhile to get used to them, just like any ordinary shoe would be, but now, I have no problem. Plus, they are very stylish looking. I got the tennis shoe instead of a dress shoe because that is what I wear the most. I'm glad I have them and would have gladly paid for them if I hadn't had insurance. It's been worth it.

Bekki Diabetic
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Did your doctor have to give you a prescription to get them purchased by your insurance company? I am very interested because I have great insurance too.

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Yes, I had to have a prescription from my doctor. And the prescription had to specifically say not only that I had diabeties, but that I had neuropathy. My insurance would not pay for the shoes without the specific neuropathy diagnosis written on the prescription. I then took the precription to the medical supply store where they had catalogues for me to look through. They also measured my feet, just as if I were in a regular shoe store. We have two medical supply places here in my small town, and I went to the one that is affiliated with the local hospital. I don't think it would make any difference where you went, just as long as you make sure that they accept your insurance. I hope I have been of some help to you. Let me know how things turn out.

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Hey again
My mom wears them and she says they are very comfortable. I think she got hers at a drugstore somewhere and they were expensive. But they were nice looking shoes ,I know where you are comming from I have that also and my feet burn and sting all the time I am on lyrica and it seems to help somewhat when I can afford to buy it.