Getting A1c down

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How would you go about getting your A1c down?

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jackie01570 2017-11-25 18:24:07 -0600 Report

I have been eating more veggies and fruits and less pasta. I have been drinking more water and exercising by lifting weights and walking and swimming.. My last A1c w 9.1% and I need to get it to 7% or below before February. I am going back on an insulin pump to also manage better.

haoleboy 2017-11-24 12:14:22 -0600 Report

low carb way of eating
daily 16 to 24 hour fasting
maintaining ideal weight
getting sufficient sleep and eliminating stress
that's worked for me for 10 1/2 years … diagnosed with an A1c of 10%. currently 5.5%
❤ eat as if your life depends on it

msann 2017-11-24 10:19:32 -0600 Report

sorry i just exercise 6 days a week weight training each day alternate different part of body abs everday and walk also i have lost 170 lbs are you on meds do you execise what is your routine

jackie01570 2017-11-25 18:21:42 -0600 Report

I exercise by walking and lifting weights and also swimming. I have cut out all pasta and I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water

GabbyPA 2017-11-24 09:19:40 -0600 Report

My lowering has come from changing to a very low carbohydrate way of eating and exercise. My goal is to eat 25-40 carbs daily and get that from veggies primarily. The addition of resistance training such as weight lifting helps also.

Obviously, the tighter your control the better your A1c. My last was 6.2. My goal is to get it into the 5's. Many people here have had success doing just that.

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