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Does anyone here have experience with taking Inositol, otherwise known as vitamin B8? I have a book on Natural Cures and I looked into natural remedies for anxiety. The anxiety that I suffer is actually an uncommon side effect of Metformin. If there is a negative side effect to a drug, I am the one who is going to experience it, especially the unusual ones, LOL.

Anyway, in researching Inositol I found that it is helpful for a lot of things: anxiety, diabetes, constipation, psoriasis, insomnia, and more. Honestly they should have just put my name on this supplement as it supposedly deals with so many issues that I experience, LOL.

In order for it to be helpful for anxiety, a large amount is required so I have to start out slowly and build up to it. Too much too fast and diarrhea occurs. So, I am taking a heaping 1/4 tsp in water at dinner time. I've only been taking it for a few days but it does seem to have a mild effect on the anxiety already and my glucose readings are slightly lower than normal following meals.

I'm just curious if anyone has any info or experiences to share.

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Pegsy 2018-02-03 10:19:14 -0600 Report

UPDATE: The Inositol does seem to be helping the anxiety though it has not completely eliminated it. It has done wonders for psoriasis which I have endured since my teen years. No more significant sleep issues but I can't be sure if that is because of the Inositol or a huge reduction in stress.

If my A1c is good at my next blood test, I am going to ask my doctor to allow me to reduce the Metformin I take and see if I can't ween off of it this year. It has always been my goal to try to get off of it and control my glucose through diet, exercise and stress reduction.

SquidA'Line 2017-11-18 14:24:14 -0600 Report

Will you let us know how the inositol works? I take a B complex as the Metformin depletes B, as Gabby mentioned.

GabbyPA 2017-11-18 11:07:45 -0600 Report

I have not heard of this, but it sounds interesting. I would imagine it deals with Metformin, as that often depletes B in our bodies.

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