Blood Sugar Spike Symptoms. What do you get and what do you do?

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Hello all, I am not officially diabetic. I am being treated for a hormone secreting Neuroendocrine tumor and have been having blood sugar spikes. Lately, my blood sugar has been spiking to over 200 at random times. I even ended up at the ER with a reading of 330. When my blood sugar gets over 200 I notice I get blurry eyed, very thirsty, very irritable- get annoyned easily, feel shaky, and get a bad headache. Does anyone get this? Ive had low blood sugar in the past and equate symptoms with that. wasn't sure if above 200 could make you have symptoms.
Finally, what do you do for sugar spikes? I am kinda frustrated from feeling awfully at random times of the day.

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GabbyPA 2017-11-16 18:12:53 -0600 Report

There are a few things that I can do to help bring down a spike. I am not sure it will work the same way, as I don't know what the neuroendocrine tumor is doing to you. But things like taking a walk or exercising can help, but don't do it if you are over 300. Then it can have the opposite effect.
Drinking a lot of water can help too and of course if there are any meds your doctor might have you on while this is happening being sure to take them.

What might help prevent a spike, again, not knowing what the tumor is doing, is to cut back on some of the carbs while this is being dealt with. It might help along with some intermittent fasting. I would talk to your doctor about the fasting as it may not be advisable for your situation.

I hope you are better soon