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My D2 was discovered during a pre-op exam for back surgery (lumbar decompression) in late August. D2 does run in my family - great grandmother, great aunt, cousin and brother. When my brother was diagnosed 14 years ago, I lost 70 lbs. and maintained that loss. I was at a healthy weight for me (142) and active. I had been tested over the decades for diabetes and had been fine.

Hurt my back in Dec. 2016 which opened a Pandora's box. Initial injury healed but problems with my left leg escalated. Tests revealed spinal stenosis with compression. After conservative treatments including a nerve block and 2 spinal epidurals surgery was the next step. Followed up with my new PCP for additional lab work. Results were cholesterol 99 (more good than bad), triglycerides 65, low on D3 (now taking 5000 mg), blood pressure, kidney & liver functions normal. I've always had low cholesterol and triglycerides since my first testing in 1996. Just lucky and maybe some good genes!

With all the pain prior to surgery I lost 15 pounds. I was on gabapentin for the nerve pain. After surgery a muscle relaxer was added as well as hydrocodone (took 2 and said no more). I had started water therapy a few weeks ago. Went once before my world fell apart.

Woke up one morning nauseous but it cleared up. Next morning I couldn't keep water down or my meds. That night I called my sister (a medical person) to take me to the hospital. She arrived with EMS 15 minutes later. I wouldn't answer the door and she saw me pass out through the window. I woke up 36 hours later in ICU with severe dehydrations, a UTI and DKA. I was in ICU for 3 days before moving to a regular room. I was discharged on day 4. I came home with 3 blood pressure meds (no problem prior) and the endo changed me to trajenta. When I saw my PCP 3 days later she was in shock. She said "What happened? You were doing so good!"

She added Levemir (10 units) at night to my meds and ordered more lab work. I saw her last Wed. for the results and I was a nervous wreck. She got more reports from the endo and my body is processing insulin normally. All my lab work came back normal. No signs of infection. She did tell me a small tumor on my left adrenal gland was found during an abdominal CT scan in ER. No testing can be done on that until I'm weaned off some of the drugs I was put on from this incident. Starting to lower doses today. She would not commit one way or the other if the adrenal tumor might be contributing to all this until testing is done. I understand that and am trying to be patient.

My BG has not been below 114 on my morning test - usually anywhere from 10-30 points higher. My bedtime readings are in the high 100s to low 200s - which is why she added the Levemir. I am trying very hard to follow a healthy diet. The nutritionist recommended 50 gm of carbohydrates with EACH meal for me back in August. I feel this is too high. I am now down to 110 lbs. after my health crisis so I need to gain weight! I have two Dr. Bernstein books thanks to DC members recommendations and still reading them. I don't see my PCP for one month unless there's a problem.

I'm trying to stay positive and get back on track. Exercise is limited due to my back surgery - still off work another week. I'll be starting water therapy next week. My big concern is getting my readings down - I'll breathe much easier then. Have any of you had an experience like this? If so, what was your recovery experience? Also does anyone have an opinion of Glucerna?

I also want to compliment everyone on this great forum. I started exploring recipes yesterday and was amazed at all the choices. I don't have to have broccoli every night!

Thanks so much for any help. Sorry for the long post…


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