Feeling really sick and weak

By Coco71 Latest Reply 2017-11-02 10:02:47 -0500
Started 2017-10-29 00:15:52 -0500

Please help me. In the AM I am always weak and sick. I don't have money right now to check my blood sugars. My test strips are 150.00 bucks with insurance. My a1c is 10.7. Doctor sent two Rx to walmart I cant get them until next week. What can I do to help myself control this feeling until then. I am so weak in the am and evening at times. I am always thristy and tired. I am

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Stuart1966 2017-11-02 10:02:47 -0500 Report

Coco71 how you doing today?

What supplies are you lacking or unable to afford? None of us are medical doctors (???) here but what you describe sounds an awful lot like basic ketone acidosis (dka) but could be lots of stuff some diabetes some not.

You using injectable insulin? If not what are you prescribed in terms of insulin???

Water until you cannot possibly drink anymore all day long might help. Sugar free electrolyte drinks even better. Dehydration if this is diabetes stuff and not flu is probable.

Water water water… you don’t want fluids with sugar in it. See if that helps any? Let us know…

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2017-11-01 23:29:15 -0500 Report

Hey Coco71, nice to see you. Really so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly and don't have the funds to get the supplies you need. I am not a physician so I don't have any helpful advice for you. But I am glad you posted, as you can see you are part of a super supportive community of people who really get diabetes, because they are walking the same road. I am hoping you are able to get the supplies you need, and soon. By the way, another site you might want to check out is www.needymeds.org. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

GabbyPA 2017-10-29 17:06:32 -0500 Report

Like Type1Lou said, getting a grip on carbohydrates can help a lot. I know before I was diagnosed, around 3:00 in the afternoon, I could barely keep my eyes open. I never used to nap, but nap was all I craved.

Then I reduced my carbohydrate intake, even by half, it was a huge help. I didn't have to pee all the time, I had more energy. What I did was write down everything I ate for a couple of days, and I looked at the nutritional values to see how many servings I was eating and what kind of carbs I was taking in. It was shocking to see how much I used to eat on a daily basis. Then I started by cutting out the sugar and sweets. That alone was a big help. Then I cut back on pastas, rice, breads and so on. Being aware is a very big lesson we all had to learn along the way.

For the things you take away, you want to find something to fill that gap. I crave crunch, so loosing things like chips took that away. So I learned how to make cheese crisps and eat very crunchy veggies. You will find things to replace what you are used to eating. It will take some time and effort, but it's worth it. Now, I don't eat pasta at all anymore. I eat sauteed cabbage or mushrooms. You will find what works for you.

The other thing that helps a lot is getting out and moving. Even if you just walk around your block. Moving is very helpful and as you feel better you may find that you want to do more.

Type1Lou 2017-10-29 13:40:56 -0500 Report

You are most likely feeling sick and weak because of your elevated blood sugars. One thing that should help you reduce those blood sugars is to reduce the carbohydrates in your diet as much as you possibly can. It won't be easy but it will work if you have the determination to do it. With lower blood suagrs, you should start to feel better. Managing our diabetes well demands that we make lifestyle changes. About 15 years ago, after reading Dr Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution", I drastically reduced the carbs in my diet and I have been able to gain and maintain better control as a result.