Possibly LADA?

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My diabetes diagnosis and I just observed our 1st anniversary.

I am currently well controlled using a combination of daily moderate- to high-intensity exercise, low-ish carbs (30-45g/meal), 1000 mg daily (morning and night) metformin, and a 1:15 unit-to-gram ratio of humalog insulin.

On initial diagnosis, I had a C-peptide test in the "normal" range, and negative results for 3 auto-antibody tests (GAD, Islet, and Insulin antibodies), and my official diagnosis at that point was Type 2.

My A1c results have been 13.4 (dx last October), 5.5 (Jan), 5.1 (April), and 5.1 again (this month).

As an experiment, my endo suggested I stop using insulin for a week, eating as I normally do, and see where my pre- and post-prandial numbers fell. He recommended a target of < 150 mg/dl after meals (I usually target < 140 when taking insulin). I concluded the experiment on Sunday evening. I was able to stay within range for all breakfast readings, as well as most dinner readings, but not for lunch readings.

My highest reading during the week was 220 (after an admitted moment of weakness, I ate a cookie after dinner), but most high readings fell < 180.

I kept detailed logs of what I ate, net carbs, and what my usual insulin dosage would have been, and shared it with my endo at the end of the experiment. He has suggested I resume my insulin regimen, and is now referring to me as LADA (though it does not appear that he has officially rediagosed me).

I find this odd, though, as these are far below where my numbers were a year ago, after I started tracking, but before I started using insulin (postprandial readings > 200 were quite common then, for every meal).

Do any of you have experience with LADA, normal C-peptide, and no antibodies? Does this sound like a typical presentation of that?

Thanks for your patience with my verbose post.

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