Type 1 Kids and Trick or Treating

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It's almost here, one of the biggest candy booties of the year. If you are the parent of a little one, you want them to have fun, but to be safe as well. This article lists some great tips for working it out with little ones. https://www.ontrackdiabetes.com/live-well/eat...

Here are a couple of my favorites:
#6. Do the trade-in thing
There is no better incentive for an older kid than money. For a younger child consider trading in candy for a much-anticipated toy.

#7. Go with chocolate—it beats candy corn everytime
Believe it or not, chocolate may be a slightly better nutritional choice for diabetes management because it contains fat and protein, which will minimize blood glucose peaks. It’s best to choose candy with some fat and protein like mini snickers instead jelly beans or smarties as those are made up of all simple sugars,” explains Dr. Hart Unger.

#10. Make sure it’s not ALL about the candy
Yes, Halloween candy can be fun. But the real charm of Halloween is the costumes, horror nights and dress-ups. Don’t make this fun night just about the candy. Instead focus on decorations, pumpkin carving, haunted houses and more.

What are some of your favorite tips for helping Halloween to be less stressful and more fun for the kids?

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Chris Clement
Chris Clement 2017-10-27 21:20:08 -0500 Report

I'm lucky that my kids don't have diabetes; I'm the diabetes owner in my house. But, one thing I've learned during my life with diabetes is how much sugar people eat. I mean, absurd amounts. The realization has led us to reduce sugar in our home. It isn't a banned substance, but it is give and used in moderation, including my children. Most of the candy they get for Halloween ends up in the trash a few months after the big day because they just don't eat that much of it.

For me though? I'm all about dark chocolate.

msann 2017-10-27 10:17:11 -0500 Report

always make Halloween fun just try to be responsible if you can with your kids hope they dont sneak any

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