Irma Preps for Diabetics

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The hurricane season has been nuts. I am sitting here, tucked in and waiting for Irma to come. So many in Texas, the whole North West and now the South are facing huge upsets in routine that is often what keeps us sane. Keeping a schedule while in an emergency can be difficult at best.

Here are some things I have done to keep me on top of things as much as I can.
1. I have a "Frio" pack for my insulin. It will keep my insulin cool for up to 48 hours without refrigeration.
2. Daily pill caddy is filled and ready in my bag, in case I need to leave my home for a shelter.
3. Double checked my test strips, glucose tablets and other supplies to make sure I am covered for 1-2 weeks minimum.
4. At home (I am staying unless things get dangerous to do so) all my routine things are in one place so I don't have to hunt. I do have back ups in my bag that is packed if I need to leave.
5. To reduce the stress that comes with these events, I have charged up my MP3 player and have board games, books and other distractions to keep me from the constant onslaught of information (though I do need to keep up on what is happening, I don't need the crazy crap that is out there at the same time)
6. I have my ID bracelet on (I always do, but if you don't wear one usually, now is the time to wear it)
7. Check in with family as I am able. Most of my family is in Florida, so our check ins are important to all of us. But keeping an outside contact helps when the phone lines are too busy here.
8. Stocked up on healthy foods. It is easy to just buy junk because it keeps well without a refrigerator. I have some, I will not lie. Tortillas came on board for quick sandwiches and I did get some dark chocolate. But for the most part, I bought veggies that are hard like carrots and cauliflower and I got strawberries on sale. Eating right is important to avoid any need for assistance in a storm.
9. Important papers are in water proof containers and in my grab and go cart, ready to go with me if needed. It includes not only insurance and home documents, but some "Looking for" sheets that include photos of my family and pets that include phone numbers, physical descriptions and medical conditions as well as blood type.
10. Peace of mind comes with being prepared. Don't let the chaos of outside become your chaos of self care.

To all of my friends out there who have been ravaged by other events or are in the path of this storm, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please share the things you do or have done or have learned from your disaster event this year.

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haoleboy 2017-09-12 17:43:55 -0500 Report

Just heard from Gabby and she wanted me to let everyone know that she is "fine" and survived Irma unscathed (my words not hers)
I have a lot of friends and family in Florida … all seem to be fine. this coulda been so much worse.

GabbyPA 2017-09-18 10:31:45 -0500 Report

Thanks so much for filling everyone in. It was not bad, but being without power certainly makes for our "instant communication" culture to be messed up. I just got power back Saturday evening and I finally had a nice nights sleep. I did mess up and took my insulin to work to keep it cool, and I forgot to bring it home on Friday, so I had to make a visit to WalMart to get some more. Other than that, the best thing was getting a shower. Cold, but was at least able once we were off boil water order.

Please continue to pray for those who were not as fortunate as myself. All of my family and friends are fine, but there are many who lost everything and even someone. Irma was not kind and we are currently hoping that Maria will wander away into the Atlantic.