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Christine La Cross
By Christine La Cross Latest Reply 2009-09-06 09:10:30 -0500
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I was diagnosed with Type 2 ten years ago - have done pretty well until the last 2+ years. I can't seem to motivate myself to do (or not do) what's needed. I don't seem to care anymore. My sugars have increased and, of course, my medications get increased. Can anyone suggest something that might get me on the right path again?

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Christine La Cross
Christine La Cross 2009-09-06 09:10:30 -0500 Report

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. They really are helpful and encouraging. I found a local diabetic class that meets once a month and I will be seeing a diabetic nutritionist covered by my insurance. My outlook is much better and my counts are going DOWN!!! Thanks again.

Anonymous 2009-09-04 21:06:00 -0500 Report

I'd have to know a little more about you to make a suggestion. What motivates you in other situations unrelated to diabetes? For example, money motivated me to quit smoking (when cigs were $1.50/pack); having physical energy to do the things I want to do (like go for a hike) motivates me to keep trying to manage my blood sugars, pride in my intellect motivated me to complete 5 years of post graduate education; the good feelings with the flow of endorphins motivates me to swim almost every day. So free advice, worth the price: look at something else you have done in your life and see what motivated you to do that. Then apply that same motivation to "caring" about managing your diabetes. Let us know what and how you do!

KarenH 2009-09-04 13:38:24 -0500 Report

Hi Christine,
I seem to find a great deal of motivation by reading these discussions and finding out that there are so many people out there like myself struggling. Some days are really bad for me and then the next will be so much better. I know it's the choices I make but I won't give up! Karen

Harlen 2009-09-04 13:11:53 -0500 Report

love your self as you wish to be loved
And take care of you
You are the only you there is
be the best you you can be
Hang in there

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