Re-introducing Myself & My Role at Diabetic Connect

Chris Clement
By Chris Clement Latest Reply 2017-08-08 13:15:28 -0500
Started 2017-08-03 14:38:40 -0500

Hello dear community,
I've interacted with some of you over the past few years, but I'd like to re-introduce myself and let you know my role here with Diabetic Connect.

I"m Chris Clement (aka Clem), and I have been living with type 1 diabetes for over 20 years. I have been the social media manager here for a few years. During this time, the diabetes online community has become my rock. I've learned so much about myself, overcome some major psychological barriers, found better ways to manage my own diabetes, and become an passionate advocate for people living with all diabetes types; all of this thanks to my interactions with peers and access to good information outside the clinical setting. I strongly believe in the power of community for better health outcomes.

While I'm still working in the social media space (look up Diabetic Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), I have also decided to take on a bigger role right here with you on I hope to meet and become friends with you all. Feel free to reach out to me. I am here for you.

Thank you!

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GINGERWOW 2017-08-05 00:07:16 -0500 Report

today is day 1 w/diabetic connect. was diagnosed day before I was hospitalized in May this year with an entirely different ongoing problem. so diabetes has now become the 'n'th ailment I'm dealing with. hopefully this association will be a very positive experience in learning about and living with diabetes 2.

onafixedincome 2017-08-04 08:06:18 -0500 Report

Hi Clem, glad to meet you. Can you make the box I'm typing in now, bigger? Those of us who put in more than two line replies would really appreciate it, I'm sure… :)

Love this place!

Chris Clement
Chris Clement 2017-08-04 12:03:25 -0500 Report

Great to meet you as well! If you are doing this on desktop, you can grab the bottom-right corner of the box and drag it down to increase the space and see better.

suecsdy 2017-08-03 22:08:38 -0500 Report

Hello Clem. Good to meet you. I've been here for almost 3 years now and like you, this place is my rock. I have asked questions, ranted, shared…things I talk with few others about. Looking forward to chatting with you.