women- do hormone changes affect your bs

By Sally Latest Reply 2009-09-03 17:15:31 -0500
Started 2009-09-03 17:15:31 -0500

I was just wondering if anyone else on here has problems keeping their blood sugars in check just around their menstrual cycles and for a week or so after?? I have extreme lows for about two days - have to really struggle to keep my sugars at 90, so I don't feel low. It wants to hover at 70, and that is when I feel awful. Then out of nowhere, literally in an hour sometimes, it flies up 200, and then it is a struggle to get it back down. My diet doesn't change, my portion sizes, exercise, all consistant. Then about a week or so after my cycle ends, my sugars are normal and manageable again. It is truly a roller coaster and rather annoying. Am I alone in this??

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