Sweet tooth cravings

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Started 2017-07-10 16:12:36 -0500

I'm a chocoholic and need something sweet most days. I don't like dark chocolate, but I've read that it's better for us diabetics. I bought a bag of Dove's Real Mixed Berries dark chocolate, also have eaten the dark chocolate covered almonds. What are you "go to" snacks when craving something sweet, aside from fruits and natural dried ones?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2017-07-15 20:05:30 -0500 Report

My go to snack is what ever I have the urge for. Since my blood sugar hovers between 90 and 120, I eat what I want to eat. If I want cookies I read the label and the carbs per serving. I have never had my blood sugar shoot up because I ate a candy bar, cookies or ice cream. I do what works for me and basically concern myself with what others choose to eat or not eat. Food really isn't the enemy, it is how much you choose to eat per serving.

Type1Lou 2017-07-12 18:09:38 -0500 Report

My go-to snack when I crave something sweet is one square of good quality chocolate (I like dark but feel free to go with the milk chocolate) topped with a tablespoonful of all natural peanut butter. It runs about 7 or 8 grams of carb and is SOOOO satisfying…much better than a Reese's PB cup!

cynicl12000 2017-07-11 22:52:41 -0500 Report

My gf found some stevia sweetened chocolate at our nearby Natural Grocers (I can't remember the brand right now, but will get back if I can) that uses inulin fiber (not to be mistaken with inSulin) for a filler. I don't remember the exact net carbs/serving, but they are relatively low for candy.

My experience with stevia is that it is very hit or miss for whether I like what it's used to sweeten, but these chocolate bars are pretty good, in my opinion.

I also will eat Danon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt with fruit in it for a sweet treat (also high in protein and low in fat)

Katzgar 2017-07-11 14:07:29 -0500 Report

you are going to have to explore as there is a wide variety of fake sweeteners out there and perhaps you will like one. the sugarless syrup works well for me . Use a double boiler and melt the dark chocolate and add the sweetener.

msann 2017-07-11 10:33:31 -0500 Report

sorry i just eat some cookies and it is gone but i excercise and strength train so i am doing pretty good

akasha 2017-07-19 22:17:25 -0500 Report

what has help me with my Type 2 Diabetes is Lollipops, I just suck on it for a second or two, put it down, then when I get a craving again, I just suck on it, and because it's sweet, I crave water, 1. water washes the sugar away, 2. it fills me up and not so hungry for anything food wise, kills the craving for sweets because I just had a little sweet taste satisfied, when I want Ice Cream, low Sugar of course, but I put it on the cake style cone, it last longer and you get satisfied because you fill that it was bigger then it really is, thx

Nani914 2017-07-11 11:47:54 -0500 Report

I give myself a treat now and then, I love chocolate chip cookies too :P
I had some cottage cheese with peaches for my morning snack, I'm feeling a bit weird right now, so I checked my BG and I'm at 90. I'm drinking lots of water and just ate a prune, hopefully I feel better after lunch. Days like these I spoil myself and eat a few more carbs :S
Have a great day msann :)

Mallacai 2017-07-11 11:19:53 -0500 Report

So in other words msann you do some carb loading in order to burn them! Will give it a try. Just being a horses A******.