How do you accept that you have Type 2 Diabetes

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I was diagnosed six months ago. Right now I am trying this diet thing and my Doc said no Sugar, no Fake Sugar, no fat. Hard to understand as if you look at the boxes they all have natural sugar and so confused. I am also battling CRPS/RSD, which in small terms means chronic pain that never goes away. I am disable and hard time on motivating myself to get up and move around. Especially when it is raining and my pain can get so unbearable that nothing helps so I am in a whirlwind. Well, sorry on saying in small terms, it was more like big frustrated. I am doing OK in the past six months. I lost forty pounds and need to loose at least a hundred pounds. I was a bean pole til I was hit by an SUV. SInce then pain has never left me. Some times it is unbearable and stay in bed and just try to find a comfortable position. If I start with my Anxiety and Panic Attacks, my mind goes on, and on, and on. I have my TV on, a lot, so when my Hubby is working and son (21) just doing nothing. Now Diabetes, I eat a lot of fruit. Whole wheat pasta, chicken, broccoli, and sometimes a hamburger with 95% fat free. Doesn't taste the same but close. I am trying to add my vegetables, but growing up in an Irish home, we always had Mashed Potatoes, other than one night was Past night. Now no potatoes or anything basically white. I can have Apples and Pears. I love the pears, when they are in season. Other times I eat can pears, with no sugar added. I am trying to move on, but I see a Pain doc, Dermatologist, Pulmonologist, and now looking for a Psychiatrist as my Anxiety and Panic attacks are getting worse that I don't sleep for days. My record is three days, no sleep at all. I finally got sleep and it was only five hours, but I felt refresh. I am also worried I haven't eaten enough food, too much sugar, not enough veggies, etc. So, my mind is constantly on. Am I alone, or is this normal? So nervous that if I don't loose weight, I will die. I have so much more going on in this head of mine, and yet I am alone with myself. Hubby tries and my son, he understands to a point. But they are not taking it seriously. Is there anyone out there that understands? Or is it me? Either way, I cant take the way I feel in my mind, body, and soul. Help!

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Nanamg 2017-07-27 12:42:50 -0500 Report

I am in a situation very much like you. I am 75, had a stroke 17 years ago which has limited my mobility, I also have the chronic back pain, was diagnosed with colon cancer so when I was told I was type 2 diabetic I didn't give it much thought. I am on medication, diet and trying to come to grips with the whole thing. Last week I had injections in my spine so the intense pain is under control and I now must deal with the calories, carbs and protein. I guess we will have to just do our best, trade recipes and send good thoughts to encourage one another. Thanks for listening look forward to hearing from you.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-08-12 15:31:00 -0500 Report

You sound like a very strong person. Your are dealing with Cancer, chronic back (I understand you there), and Diabetes. I am only 48 and you sound so calm. I am going to do my best and hopefully we can chat more about dealing with Diabetes and pain. Hang in there. I know I am.

Type1Lou 2017-07-18 08:20:46 -0500 Report

I maintain that ALL diabetics must become fully carbohydrate-conscious to achieve good control. Carbohydrates are not just sugars (whether natural or processed) but starchy foods as well. Do you know how many total carbohydrate grams you are currently eating per day? If not, that is a good place to start. Read the labels on all of the foods you buy and for those foods without labels (e.g. produce), get yourself a good app or book. "Calorie King" is often recommended. If you need to lose weight, reduce your daily carbohydrate intake. This should also result in better blood glucose numbers for you. It's a win-win. There is no one right number that works for everyone. I currently limit myself to no more than 110 total carb grams per day. Some can eat more and others must eat less than that to maintain control. Most low-fat or no-fat versions of the same foods have MORE carbohydrates in them than the regular versions. I opt to eat the full-fat version of yogurt (plain) and cheese and peanut butter (all-natural). (I try to eat the healthier fats found in nuts, avocados and disagree with my PCP, many nutritionists and the ADA that we must follow a low-fat diet.) Also, many of the "sugar-free" versions of foods have the same (or nearly) carbohydrate content as the regular versions of them. Become religious about reading the labels so you don't mislead yourself. Living well with diabetes is possible with the right knowledge and the determination to make the right decisions.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-08-12 15:39:13 -0500 Report

I do check all m labels. I ,am teaching my son and hubby if it shows any sugar, chemical sugar, and fats. I will check out Calorie King. I don't eat much carbs, but I know I need to eat some. I seemed to loose my weight better when I eat NO CARBS. But, I know I need to eat some as it makes me less blah, I did join here to learn and I am learning a lot and with all your info., I got a lot more work to do. I guess since I can't work, my work will be educating myself on sugar. I am also educating myself on History of England Kings and Queens. Especially the Tudor legacy. Gets my mind off of Diabetes. Thanks for your comment.

suecsdy 2017-07-16 15:37:50 -0500 Report

Diabetes suck, especially right after dx when you don't know what you can and can't eat. It gets easier (still sucks though). I had to learn to eat more salads because I don't like to many cooked veggies, but I don't mind them raw (even broccoli). I'm currently on an antidepressant med and it's been a big boost to my attitude. It's hard for family members to understand sometimes, because they don't actually have to deal with it. This website has been a blessing to me. I learned so much here. I was lucky to find my way here very shortly after dx. The support, shared knowledge and companionship is the best. Stick with us. come back often. Take care.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-08-12 15:51:34 -0500 Report

I know this Sucks! my RSD Sucks too! I am trying to learn of both. I think my Mom had RSD, as she dealt with a lot of the same pain, but they said she was RA. I was tested and I was not diagnosed. I think RSD is the last thing they will give you if nothing else can help you. Ugh. I am trying to teach my family about what I can and can not eat. They think I buy too much food for myself. Meanwhile, they are eating junk food that my husbands mom gives him and I can't eat one piece. Sometimes I feel so depressed, especially when I have a hard time moving and not wanting my husband and son to help me make a turkey sandwich. But I deal with a Panic Disorder since I was 10. My Ex Husband, who left me while pregnant with our only son, likes to throw it around as if I am not able to do anything. Well, it came out in court and he had to have supervised visitation of our child. My son was already a year old! Glad that my son is 21 and he has to deal with him, not me. Thank GOD! Sorry, sometimes I need to Thanks someone as my Husband now, is total opposite, but we are weird like each other. It works. Well, I am glad I love Broccoli and chicken, and with some cheese (a little of the goat cheese, and mix, taste so good. I do think about my Dad who cooked a lot, and he made some simple and yet great meals. Just gotta cut the Potatoes (Which I did at first told I had to) and making a great spaghetti sauce, I have to use the lower fat and wheat noodles. Gotta love it. Thanks for your thoughts and advice. I hope to see you around.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2017-07-12 20:13:44 -0500 Report

I have it, it isn't going anywhere so I learned to take care of it. The sooner you accept the fact that you have a chronic disease that you have to manage, the sooner you will feel better.

I had my gall bladder removed in December when meant I had to change everything I eat for diabetes to compensate not having a gall bladder. That was frustrating because I had to go back to trying foods to determine if if was going to have me doing a sprint to the bathroom. Now that I have accomplished that task I am back on the ball again.

Diabetes is not a one size fits all disease, What works for one does not work for others. Find what works for you. Go see a nutritionist and together you can come up with a meal plan. once you learn how to do it, you can always modify it.

I use to have panic attacks and depression until I got tired of it. I no longer have those problems. Panic attacks and depression was wasting too much of my time. With the help of a psychologist and medication I came to terms with everything and moved forward.

You are letting your diabetes and other medical problems control you. Being nervous and stressed out about losing weight will not help you lose weight. Eating right and some exercise will help you.

The old saying " a watched pot never boils" is very true. If you stand and watch and wait for a pot of water to boil, it seems to take forever. In the mean time you standing there watching it you have wasted 5 -10 minutes waiting for something to happen. I never weigh myself at home. I wait until I go to the doctors and then I can be surprised. I just lost 3 lbs without trying, I was surprised.

Take care of yourself good luck.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2017-07-11 22:07:24 -0500 Report

Hey Over Watch, it is really great to meet you. I am so glad you have found your way to our amazing community. I felt sad when I read your post and learned about everything you are dealing with. You are dealing with a lot. So sorry to hear about the pain. And I know having to make so many changes to your diet is an additional challenge, and a really big one. I am glad to see you are taking such good care of yourself. I do hope you find a psychiatrist soon, I know it's not always so easy to find one and get an appointment. I am a therapist and it has been my experience that living with chronic pain can bring up a lot of emotions, including anxiety. So it is a very good idea to get connected with a psychiatrist. You might also consider working with a therapist, who could provide emotional support and help you to learn some new ways to cope. I hope you will stay in touch with us. Let us know how you are doing.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-07-12 14:14:36 -0500 Report

Well, strange but true, thirteen years ago My brother died of an accidental overdose, less that two months, my Mom passed away. Then that June my Dad passed away. This happened in less than six months. When I thought I was doing ok, that was when I was hit by an SUV and that started with a lot of pain physically and mentally. I didn't apply for disability as I thought I can work. Then some days I just couldn't get out of bed with the pain. I was thankful for my Husband and son (he was only 7 then) as they took care of me and now I feel I neglected them. My son was my life. He was the reason I was smiling. Proud of him, so to be hurt physically and mentally, he was there with me. Even when he was a baby living in my Parents home, again, I got out when he was eighteen months old. We did what we wanted and he was a happy kid. Met my now hubby when my son was four. We all meshed together, nicely. Always busy, I always gave parties, just to have one, lol. My Parents or siblings never visited my place, until right before my youngest brother passed away. Looking past now, I was proud to be a single mom, took care of an ADHD son, who went to Therapist for it, medicated, he got his IEP, that I had to fight for with the school system, then I became a supporter to other parents who wanted to know more about IEP/504 Plans. My sons Docs recommended me, as I did it by myself and thought I could help. I loved it. I love the knowledge of learning. I am usually a self teacher and with Diabetes, I am lost. I think with the emotional and Physical pain I am having a hard time to think. When I feel like it, I need to sleep or my next day is messed up. So, now thirteen years later, my son had a lot of training in Computers, but can't find a job. He usually used my car. My husband died and now he has it, until we save enough for a down payment on another car. So my life was always STRESS, since I can remember. My mom was one. She told me to worry about things that I had no idea why, and now I do worry. My wiring is so wrong. Now diabetic, which I think she had, but I never got the death report, which I am doing now. So, I do need some re-wiring and hopefully that will open some more doors and windows to my new "Life Style" as my Primary Doc tells me. Thank you so much for your reply.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2017-07-15 23:00:01 -0500 Report

HI Over Watch, it's great to hear back from you. I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know what's going on in your life. I felt sad as I read your reply. You have had so much to deal with. It sounds like you have been a great mother, that you have really been an advocate for your son, and that he has benefitted from all of your help. It also sounds like you continue to advocate for him, that you continue to sacrifice for him. I hope that you are getting a lot of support, that you have caring people to talk with. And I hope you are making yourself a priority and taking really good care of yourself. I wish you new doors and windows! You are not alone! Stay in touch with us, okay? :))

Luis65 2017-07-10 20:20:07 -0500 Report

Low carbs- and no sugars especially, high fat and 70 to 90 grams of protein daily works for me. What your doc is suggesting sounds like a starvation diet, no carbs, no fat which means a lot of protein. I guess you are allowed high fiber vegetables.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-07-12 14:46:12 -0500 Report

I do eat a lot of Chicken, Broccoli, Triple Zero Yogurt (15g of Protein), pears, apples, and sometimes for breakfast I do eat eggs and OJ. I also make Peanut Butter and crackers as a snack, as that is high in protein. I have some Recipes Books, and looking to try cooking. Pain is what stops me. I have to sit on a chair, or knee on it. I try to walk or just up and down steps to our Loft, and my cats walk with me, which is funny, but they are indoor cats and they just want attention from their Mommie, lol. Plus some Yoga and meditation, I am working on. To me Yoga (Beginners) are just Physical Therapy. I love to make the loft into my Yoga room, but it is currently the "Gaming Room" for my son, as we can hear him when he is on, so as parents we are involved and he needs his down time. I am trying to move things in, slowly. I do feel like I don't eat enough, but all the veggies in the world and apples and pears. Yea…not. I am trying to learn as I guess I am still a newbie. I am trying to teach my Husband and son, but they will not go with it. Even for me. It does suck, but I pray they don't but my Hubby might have to do it, as he knows he needs to loose weight, too! Thanks for your reply!

Katzgar 2017-07-10 12:51:01 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed in december and just accepted that I have a disease to manage. The agjustment to the correct foods is indeed full of a lot of thought. What have your readings been? your readings will tell you what you can eat. Remember potatoes, rice, sugar, wheat and too much protein are bad.

Over Watch
Over Watch 2017-07-12 14:52:40 -0500 Report

Hi! I know not to eat WHITE foods. Just like you said, rice, sugar, etc. I never heard wheat. As I use wheat pasta. I need to look into it. I just bought Splenda, Splenda Brown Sugar (A little sugar) and wheat flour, and I don't know what I am going to make, but anything like a pie or cookies, or Carrot Cake, as I saw a recipe on a Diabetes Magazine. Too much Protein is bad? I did not know that. I was told to eat 1700 Calories with mostly protein and vegetables. I never get it up that high. Hard to eat that much, when I use to eat like a bird. My medicine I take for my CRPS/RSD sometimes makes me feel no pain in my stomach and that is why I sometimes forget to eat or even use the ladies room. What web site do you recommend?

Nani914 2017-07-11 15:10:13 -0500 Report

why is protein bad? I've been losing a lot of hair and someone suggested I am not eating enough protein, just wondering :S

haoleboy 2017-07-12 17:22:52 -0500 Report

protein, beyond your bodies needs to repair/maintain muscle, has to go somewhere. so in keeping with a "waste not, want not" philosophy, your body converts excess into fat for later use … then through the miracle (curse) that is gluconeogenesis it will later be converted to glucose as an energy source.
calculating (guessing) our exact protein requirement is a "crap shoot", and one of the most challenging aspects of "proper" nutrition.
for the purpose of diabetes control, I tend to err on the low side of the basic requirement.

❤ eat as if your life depends on it

cynicl12000 2017-07-11 23:06:21 -0500 Report

Nani914, protein MAY be bad, depending on kidney function. Protein can be really rough on the kidneys in excess; and high glucose over time can damage the kidneys, meaning diabetics should be especially cautious regarding how we take care of them.

What "in excess" means is probably best discussed with a doctor or dietition who has access to recent (micro and/or macro) albumin tests

Consueloj 2017-07-11 20:32:00 -0500 Report

If you dont mind answering, may I ask if you are taking metformin?
I lost 2/3 of my hair in 5 months on it.
Which is why Im off it and managing quite well with my eating plan and lots of exercise!

Nani914 2017-07-12 09:49:55 -0500 Report

I don't mind, I was taking Metformin for about 3 months and yes, I am sure it was due to the meds. I too am off the meds, for now and managing well with diet and exercise!! woohoo si se puede!! <3 <3