HIGH BLOOD SUGAR mid mornings

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My bloodsugar problem hopefully is not unique to everyone. When I land out of bed in the morning my blood sugar reads from 100 -130.I inject 32 units of Levemir and 5 units of Humalog.. I eat a cup of rice checks cereal with skin milk and a half cup of blueberries. On the way to work I drink a cup of black coffee. 2 hours later my BS is from 300-400. At that point I inject 10 more units of Humalog. It takes 3-4 hours before my BS starts comming down. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? This is a daily occurance.

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Harlen 2009-09-03 11:20:45 -0500 Report

I did the same thing, eat what was to be a good breakfast, only to learn that it was not what I needed to do
So I now have 2 eggs some ham and every other day one slice of toast I love bread.and I cover for the toast on that day.Had to cut the carbs way back and yes every thing has fat or carbs
For me it was better to eat eggs and meet rather then carbs I do miss them so much but I wish ti live as long aas I can so I do what I can
good luck

kdroberts 2009-09-03 11:12:03 -0500 Report

Your breakfast is whats wrong. Pretty much 100% carb and a lot of it. Try eliminating 75% of the carb and adding in some protein and fat.

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