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I went to a new endo and she will be rechecking whether I am a one or 2 or Lada in August. I think Lada. Isn't the test c-peptide for Lada? Also, what is a good book to get or magazine to order that helps, enlightens, and gives good information?

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Type1Lou 2017-05-31 15:54:30 -0500 Report

Diabetes Forecast by the ADA is a good magazine. Two books I highly recommend are Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard Bernstein and Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner.

LRD 2017-06-01 14:11:09 -0500 Report

Thanks for the tip. I will talk to my husband and see if we can order it to come to the house. Is it online?

WASHED OUT 2017-05-31 14:33:15 -0500 Report

Well the c-peptide is just one of the necessary test to check for Type 1.5 the other is called a (GAD) antibodies test. A Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Autoantibodies test (GAD antibodies test) is used to help discover whether someone has either type 1 diabetes or Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA).
A GAD test is a blood test which measures whether the body is producing a type of antibody which destroys its own GAD cells.
In type 1 diabetes, a number of autoantibodies are thought to circulate including those which target glutamic acid decarboxylase. The presence of these autoantibodies suggests type 1 diabetes. Both the Type 1 and Type 1.5 have these autoantibodies in common the type 2 however do not have these present.

I wish you good luck , finding the right diagnosis changes the treatment. Many of the drugs used for type 2 have little to no effect treating a type 1 or 1.5 LADA. Insulin is the only viable treatment other than diet and exercise to lower glucose levels since these types produce to little or none of their own body insulin. The body has destroyed its ability to produce its own insulin. I think I have had LADA a long time before being correctly diagnosed or diagnosed with diabetes in any form. The reason I think this is because of the complications my body has recieved which were being treated individually for symptoms instead of looking at the cause. Much of this damage could have been prevented if it were treated early at the cause. Hopefully I will be able to reverse some of that damage but eventually it will come back.

Here is a link explaining LADA:

LRD 2017-06-01 14:14:17 -0500 Report

Have you found more people on this website that are LADAS?

WASHED OUT 2017-06-01 18:22:49 -0500 Report

Yes but I can't remember who they were, I know that sounds terrible. I didn't get to know them and my old mind can't remember.

LRD 2017-06-01 14:10:28 -0500 Report

Thanks. She is doing both. She has stopped the metformin and told me to go straight to insulin. But your information is very important to me. Thanks again.

WASHED OUT 2017-06-01 18:28:53 -0500 Report

The GAD test was the real deciding factor, that test must be very accurate. Things really changed when I began the 2 insulins and found out how to adjust them. It was a lot of yo yo stuff before the right diagnosis, even when trying my hardest.

LRD 2017-06-05 12:23:18 -0500 Report

She talked about another insulin. I am on Novolog, but she spoke something else. Don't remember. What is a good Carb book? Carb King? Do you get it at American Diabetes?

Type1Lou 2017-07-13 14:27:30 -0500 Report

Calorie King is a good carb guide available in book or app form. You might also want to look into getting a digital nutrition scale. After you input a food code (booklet with codes comes with the scale), you weigh it and get the nutritional values, including carb content. I use mine every day for my apple since apples vary so greatly in size. How have you made out with your tests?…any definitive results?

WASHED OUT 2017-06-24 18:08:04 -0500 Report



This is the ultimate guide to low carbohydrate living. Doctors Volek and Phinny have 50 years of clinical experience between them, and written over 200 research papers. This is the ultimate book for those wanting to learn about their health, and for health and medical professionals.

Fat is the ultimate fuel. Our bodies do not require glucose and will run far more efficiently on fat.
Carbohydrate restriction is the answer to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, athletic performance, PCOS.
Restricting carbs improve blood glucose control, blood lipids and reducing inflammation not using any drugs.
Barnes and Noble have this book for the cheapest price.
The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting

LRD 2017-06-26 15:06:44 -0500 Report

Great thanks again. Have not seen the doctor yet, but will in August. Late August.

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