I want to thank you for all your support!!!

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I feel blessed with finding everyone of you! It's hard to get a answer to your guestions from someone who hasn't been where you are ! Sometimes people don't understand why you make a big deal out of what you eat or why you are always researching to be better informed. I may go alittle overboard at times but it is only my passion for life.I also deal with being Bipolar/Depression and ADD.But ever since I started researching 13 yrs ago because my daughter had something wrong going on,Dr's have told me they wished parents were more like me and willing to learn how to live.But this is the only way I know. My father was a very well educated man and he always told me if I never ask my question how was I going to get my answer? So I ask alot and I research more.But even with all the knowledge I find I sometimes lose myself in knowing what the outcome could be.I just want to make the best of my life …it's the only one I have!
Again Thank You for all your help and I hope to learn more to live the life I want!

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Judimar 2009-09-02 23:38:08 -0500 Report

Hi there!

You are most welcome! We are all different and experience things differently so it is helpful to share and compare.

I think it is great that you ask questions and research. You are your own best advocate. Don't ever stop doing what you do :)



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