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hey guys had bloodwork done went to doc wednesday good results with bone density all others good aic was still at 8 but that was due to not having any meds for a month because of insurance so dont have to go back until sept hubby doing great his a1c was 7.1 so i guess we going to live tell what going with you all love you all enjoy your day

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NewSong53 2017-05-15 10:23:57 -0500 Report

I don't know what meds you need to take and what their cost is. But when I was using CVS I could get generic prescriptions for very little. It didn't help much with non-generic prescriptions. Also, insulin was way too expensive for me but I was finally approached by a social worker after an emergency last year (had no insurance and just got sicker and sicker). She helped me get into a community care clinic affiliated with my hospital and now I get insulin for free, due to low income (SS), inability to qualify for medicare or medicaid and don't qualify for free insurance. Also, public hospitals (not for profit) have business offices who can refer you to someone there who will explain how you can apply for charity health care. I had to do this for a recent condition that my community care clinic didn't treat and it was surprisingly easy. It is based on the above criteria. Good luck to you on your bone density test and congrats to your husband for his results!