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Last week I went to a new Diabetes Doc. I have had diabetes for 6 years and have been on all kinds of meds. First was pills, changed to Humalog, and then to Insulin. Well, nothing was getting any better. It seemed no matter what I did my readings were going up.
New doctor was an eye opener! Changed my meds…Insulin 70/30 -78 Units @ breakfast (already doing this) added Avandamet 4mg. @breakfast. The same at dinner. Well, if my blood sugar readings came down to 100 or lower I was to lower the Insulin by 10 units @ next meal. I am to take the Avandamet as prescribed - 4mg @ each meal. Following a diet of proteins and carbs (flip the food pryamid). Man…has it worked. Starting this week my readings have been from 80 to 120!!! Last week the readings were 200-300. What a change for me.
Talk to your doctor if you do not think your meds are working like you think they should. I have gained more info in one week from a new doctor than I did in Years for the other doctor.

Good luck!!

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butterfly_8 2008-07-17 06:50:25 -0500 Report

I believe we should not hesitate to get a second opinion if things are not working. I have personally found all Dr.'s are not necessarily dedicated to healing. It is more than an ego trip for some. I told a Dr. I was scratching 2 little bumps on my leg. I thought was an insect bite. I was prescribed antibiotics. It got worse and worse after almost every other day appts. I finally flipped. I was after months. I was referred to a skin specialist,diagnosed as eczema. It was under control in 3 to 4 days. I am a witness to 2nd opinions.

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