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…I got to thinking earlier about the way my relationships with myself, and the different Doctors I have met along the way since my diagnosis back in 2005 w/ type 1..
and I thought that Id share tis story with you all…let it motivate you and yours, and keep me; my #1 advocate for me..

I never had been very vocal at my dr. appts. and rarely if at all had many questions for them..when it came to my appts that is.
Sure at my kids appts I asked questions, when I had questions. But, I usually never questioned a doctors answer, or etc. even if it didnt set right w/me.. i hate to admit this, I just usually believed they knew BEST..and …
It wasnt until 2005 when all of this changed,and just in time to save my LIFE and my unborn baby girls…
You see,to summarize I had gest. diabetes w/ 2 prior pregnencies,the last was Nov.1998.(Diet controlled,no insulin)
In 2002 I had began to feel "?" and HAD NO HEALTH INSURANCE,worked f/t, single mom,and more then anything else,TOO STUBBORN for my own good..I kept on w/ excuses etc. for yrs. until I couldnt no more,the end of 2004.
I had kept so busy that i didnt even realize that I was looking as bad on the outside as I felt inside.I and new i lost weight,but didnt know,60lbs.Knew that I ate every hour and in the middle of the night, 1-2 times.SO thirsty..tired ..hungry and forgetful ..but why ?? I had to quit my job ..
And things got worse, then better, then WHOA!!
I met my future X and babies daddy, whom "whoa'ed" me. (is that a word?)
And my health went straight down and fast..I was pregnant??Yes,tadoo
But this meant health insurance..and thank god, and the first visit I filled the doc in on what had been happening with me in the past few years,past prgnancy info. like gest.diabetes etc. did the lab work and waited..surely if there was something wrong I would hear, before the next appt. RIGHT??
I had still continued to loose weight and more quicker now,i slept all day and night..and since the doctor never called, I did ,but was told that if there was anything id hear..
by the next appt. i lost 10 lbs more and was at 114lbs. I waited for the doctor and practiced how I would ask the doctor again, whats wrong,I need to know,I know me,and theres something,really wrong..
And when she came in I listened to her,let her do her exam,and I was for IDK? reasons,I wasnt going to ask her…she was halfway out the door when I spoke up!!
The lab work? Doc. i know theres something not right, and if my labs were fine then we have to do something,because if im not ok my baby isnt,right? "lets see yourlabs, well there was sugar in your urine,yet um."
Then I heard from her shaky and scared-like voice."we will do another set of labs to make you feel comfortable"
Sugar? where? I said you do know i had gest. diabetes w/last 2 pregnancies?
She nodded and had me go do labs again..and we would talk at next appt.

I confused,and yet too tired and ill to know why?? LOL
By that next morning after I had put kids off to school and fiance' to work,I laid back down and was woke by the call I can never went like this;;;;
"Hello, is jeri there please.."
yes this is Jeri..
"jeri, this is doctor …head of neonantal board,I need for you to come in to see me.Is there someone there to drive you.?"
I can drive,but can I take a nap before,Iam really tired now?
"NO!NO! do not go to sleep and we are sending an ambulance to get you ..are you at this …address?"
huh whats going on ..?
"we will be there in 3mins please stay awake.!"

I was rushed to er and admitted into the ICU in a diabetic coma..sugars were above 600 for at least 3 months aic was 18.
My doctor ..overlooked my charts and labs and was well no longer at that practice..but had I not spoken up..IDK

how has your relationship been or changed for you or your family..iam OUTSPOKEN and PROUD TODAY

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