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Try it now, it was my brainfart. ORG not COM

Ask The Doctor literature series
Ask the Doctor is a third-party literature series that addresses concerns and answers questions often posed by patients about specific health issues. They contain comprehensive information and in-depth, well-referenced studies prepared and written by distinguished scientists and medical professionals. These articles may be downloaded and viewed at no charge.
The paper versions of these are passed out at my local health food store. There is a special one this month that is
"Controlling Diabetes with Nutritional Supplements"
It lists several supplements you can use in conjunction with your diet, exercise and meds to help contorll your BG. Check it out. It has a great Q&A section to help us understand why they can help and a list that describes the effect they can have. It is all referenced so you can do further research.
It is a great website for many things.

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bluerose2 2008-06-29 02:12:04 -0500 Report

what is the website address? I would like to check it out.


GabbyPA 2008-06-29 05:30:01 -0500 Report

Just click on the link in the post, then choose the condition you want information on. They are in PDF format, so you need to have a reader for it. Other than that, it is limitless as to what you can find, and they are all geared toward holistic/natural treatments.

bluerose2 2008-06-29 13:08:43 -0500 Report

i'm sorry, i don't see a link except the one ATDonline and that is not the correct link, unless I am missing something!
Seems i get brainfog quite often ! Any way, any help you can send my way will be appreciated. Its not been a good day for me anyway and my eyes play tricks on me at times too.


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