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For those interested in last nights episode, Wife of General has Diabetes, a T2. Doctor wants her to start Insulin. Shows her emotional state. She gets mad at daughter for emptying the frig of the sugar stuff. says its her kitchen, go away. Doesnt want to tell her friends. Husband (The General) wants to know more and is playing the diabetic police. Says he is still leaning so needs to watch. She needs to inject so asks for privacy. shows her swabbing and pushing in plunger, pulling out needle. Husband for now to be refered to as the General, tells daughter that mother needs to stabelize her blood sugar and is emothinal till then. Wife forgets to eat after taking her insulin. Expierences a low and passes out. Her best friend who is a nurse finds her kit, realizes she is diabetic and makes her take a glucose tablet. Then they talk. Nurse says, why didnt you tell me, so I could help if somting like this happens. Wife says, dont tell anyone. She acts ashamed almost.

I dont know who is the exectutive on this show but either somone on the show does have diabetes or the have someone who is giving them alot of insightfull information.

I myself could see alot of what she was going through and I empathize with her.

All in all, its starting to be a good story line.

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Jipwhip 2009-08-31 21:44:16 -0500 Report

I am glad they are showing what it means to have diabetes. I think at one point or another we have all been where the General's wife has been. Yes, someone has done their homework. I also can empathize with the eneral's wife. Hope they keep up the good work.