I was told I could stop testing BS

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I finally saw my therapist this morning. I gave her me 2 weeks of tracking BS levels. She told me that I could stop testing as she has enough information and that my A1C was good last took, 5.7% and the lab work done, non-fasting 57, then fasting at 106. I did have that fasting of 166 at that God awful Dr. Aug.3rd..along with high ones testing myself!…well I guess that is good. I also found out that the new Dr. I was suppose to see is not taking on any more patients,the awful Dr. sent her a task over the laptop stating that I am being terminated and will no longer get refills for my pain med. (ultram) and my reflux medication!! I was also informed that I needed a colonoscopy for certain problems,she actually had a list of things to bring up at the board meeting on Thursday about my health and nothing being done! She is also calling the head of department over at the clinic to let her know what has been going on and what exactly happened on Aug. 3rd when the Dr. slammed down her laptop and walked out on me (has done this to other patients also). All in all I am still without Dr. and I don't understand about the BS monitoring, she thinks it is not diabetes but may be something else,who knows.
Thank you all for your support and help. You are all great people and are caring and very kind…
Thank you all


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Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-09-12 12:22:48 -0500 Report

Oh, Darly!!! I FEEL for YOU! It is so sad that SOME professionals are so hateful, but it must just be HER nature, NOT YOUR FAULT, she needs reprimanding, or get into another health care branch, just paper work or such as she just may not have the human skills to work with real people!

But it sounds like you are hanging in there, be kind, BUT FIRM—it will pay off for your own peace of mind!!! Best Of Luck and STRENGTH as you too, pursue the bumpy road of life! Hugs, Pat R

Darly 2009-09-12 18:31:05 -0500 Report

Hi Pat! How are you feeling? I hope you have a speedy recovery after your surgery. It was so sad to read you will be losing a kidney!! I am so glad you hung in there and got your answer before it was too late!!!! You will be in my prayers and thoughts..God Bless

I am trying to hang in there, another month…ugh!! I just may tell my therapist that I would rather get my own Dr. somewhere outside the community health center,hopefully one will take me sooner. I see her Monday,and,I am not looking forward to it after last week! I had a very surprising phone call from my 1st EX,father of my 4 son's…he called to tell me to drive up to his work and he would give me $100…I almost fell of the chair! lol I was able to get test strips,have enough to pay my cable balance and get my internet and T,V, back on!!! This is not like him at all "WOW!"

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom,even though you are having a very hard time yourself!!! Good luck!

*hugs* Darlene

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-09-12 22:49:46 -0500 Report

Hi, Darlene!!! See, miracles still happen, even in unexpected places! haha—good old ex's——at least he has come thru for now, and that can't be overlooked, although it sounds that you are in a bad place, raised your 4 kids—-did he pay child support?? Our daughter fought her ex—-tooth and toenail as he drug his feet to NOT pay for her to raise their 3 kids, and he owned a farm and had a good income!! she finally had to let the 2 boys stay with him to work on his farm to keep them out of trouble as she was gone all hours, 3am to 8pm, working 2 jobs! It never ceases to amaze me how men seem to get by so easily!! Or so it seems anyway!!

It makes me feel better to listen and write to others, gets my mind off of myself—nothing more that I can do at this point, got my house cleaned—as best I could—-photography caught up, pics sorted for family birthday parties etc—-Did an oil painting last night of the "tropics" for our youngest son (48 yrs.) I had promised him a few mos ago and just didn't feel up to it, I am NOT GOOD, but I so enjoy expressing myself on canvas—-Also planted a few Pansies and mums, but got things stirred up so now I think that I had just better take it easy as I can't take any aspirin or anything for pain—just use a heating pad to try and relax those muscles along my whole, left side—

Better try to settle down again, trouble sleeping the past few weeks—run a low grade temp, found out that is normal for having a tumor! h mm—-learn more every day! ha—Hugs and Best Wishes to you and yours!! PR

imsuzie2 2009-09-13 05:35:29 -0500 Report

Darly, you have to eat. I carry a package of cheese and crackers and fruit roll-ups, so I always have something to eat on hand.

PAT…you can take Tylenol…if you hurt, take Tyenol, no aspirin in it. Hugs to you both.

Darly 2009-09-13 09:10:48 -0500 Report

Thank you pat! I had no idea you painted!!! Sounds so nice,bet you do a great job too! I do hope you slept better last night and you do need to relax and take it easy for now. I hope your pain subsides some for you.

I hardly got a dime from him for child support,he owes me big time! lol…Darlene*

Darly 2009-09-13 09:17:10 -0500 Report

Hi S2…I have been eating. Yesterday afternoon I made boneless,skinless chicken breast,steamed broccoli,and had 2 Tabs. of mashed potatoes…Also had scrambled eggs and one piece of whole wheat,12 grain toast. I did have a snack of 4 peanut butter crackers,after I ate those my heart started pounding,palpitations,was just about falling asleep w/my face bobbing down towards the book I was reading,that anxious feeling,blurred vision,I felt drunk!…I took my glucose level, it was 200!!..this morning it was 145…Woke up with a bad headache too.

Thank you S2,you are always right there to set me straight!…along with many others here! lol…Darlene*

imsuzie2 2009-09-14 01:49:56 -0500 Report

Darly, it sounded like a great day of eating. Those numbers are surprising. How much time between eating and testing was there? I had a couple of good sized cookies (bad girl) and my morning/fasting numbers were 93 and 99…yes, I did it 2 nites in a row, stress eating…going back to work on Monday. Maybe it has something to do with meds? I was wondering if you think you need a new therapist to go along with the new primary? Keep up the good work, continue to test and write down what you eat, maybe add the names of the meds you take at at what time. let's all play detective and see if we can figure it out before you get your new doctor, ok? Hugs

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-09-14 09:36:28 -0500 Report

Oh, suzie, I LOVE you attitude! I have been in therapy for years in trying to help me to learn to deal with Drs. My problem has been that no matter what I say, they interpret it in an emotional issue. Emotionally challenged people can also have HEALTH, PHYSICAL, issues! Something that I think that in their hurry, they forget.

My own Dr issues were mixed up with the guilt that I felt when my dad left my mom and I for another woman when I was 8 yrs. etc——THe therapists sure have helped me, along with medication, so a good therapist, a neutral, caring person, is not to be sneezed at! Take care- you Girls!! hugs, pat r

Darly 2009-09-14 15:43:28 -0500 Report

Oh Pat, I do feel for you as I know what you went through and are going through to get someone to listen to you. Once they know you see someone for mental health they immediately label you,and,think you have no idea what you are talking about or are making it up!! It is so unfair,this is what they did to me last night and this morning,would not listen to me!! …Hugs…Darlene

Darly 2009-09-14 15:41:04 -0500 Report

LOL..you crack me up S2,I love it! I test about 15 min. after I get up. I usually test about 90 mins.-2 hrs. after eating. I can usually feel it at 1 hr. post meal. The BS level of 200 was about 1 hr. after,I took it then because of the symptoms I was having. Last night after my son made us mac. & cheese (I know,bad girl!) I felt the same as I did the night before,I tested at the 2 hr. mark,it was 171. I felt out of it,tried to read and had a problem focusing as the words were blurred,doubled,and kept nodding up & down w/my head,I told myself to put the book down and just watch T.V., next thing I know I opened my eyes and didn't know if I nodded off or what happened,book still in my hand! I was doing the same thing watching T.V., then I had some pain & pressure in middle of chest w/palpitations,felt very weak and lethargic,got pain in left side of my neck & shoulder. I called the nurse line that came with my insurance,she told me to chew 3 more baby aspirin,call an ambulance,I told her my son was here to drive me,she said no,so that is what I did. I was hooked up to the monitor and had oxygen at the hospital,they took 2 sets of blood tests,had a hard time finding a vein for I.V. (told her that my veins were great until mild stroke in 1990's)..she put it in my right hand. Well, I kept up the nodding in there,finally fell asleep. This morning the Dr. came in and said I was alright,no heart attack..YAYYY!! The nurse tried 3 different cuffs,and,tried to get my blood pressure to show up,then did it the old fashioned way,it was 88/52! I left there knowing something was wrong. I had an appt. w/therapist about 20 min. after my son brought me home. I started to cry telling her what has been happening. She listened to my heart,said it was very rapid,asked if they listened to it,they didn't. She then took my pulse,kept looking at my writs while doing so and moved her fingers at one point. She told me that my pulse was very rapid,and then was threading??…not sure of the word, then would go back to being very rapid! She told me there was something wrong,and,said she thinks it was what she told me about 3-4 weeks ago, Afib?? irregular heartbeat w/rapid pulse. I told her I usually can tell if my heart is racing,but,didn't feel it. She was very upset about the medical care I am not receiving,also worried that something that is going on may do something to me…I have to go see her on Thursday again for vitals,she said mine were not good,she also is suppose to be bringing in a blood pressure monitor from home so I can track that and my pulse rate…I know from the way I feel there is something not right! She also told me sometimes it will not show up on an EKG if it is not happening at that moment,I just do not feel right at all, so lethargic,weak, etc..sorry this was so long,needed to tell whole story! LOL…Thank you for your help! You still get me with this detective thing,love it!!…Darlene*

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-09-14 16:59:18 -0500 Report

Hey Darly!!! That is great that you felt free enough to express yourself, and the nurse is right, (I think!!) that something else is going on, so keep trying to find out what—-Personally, I have never had my BS affect me like yours SEEMED to—-Mine has been 201, but I never knew it, but the racing heart, thready pulse is nOT good! It sounds like your nurse knows, so go to her and have her help to intervene this emotional crap—-they seem to forget that just because one is emotionally unstable, that physical things can't happen too, and usually they put us off until it is a bigger problem than it needs to be!!

Keep up the detective work, you are getting stronger in forging ahead!!! Hugs and Best of Luck and a good LISTENER!! PR

imsuzie2 2009-09-15 04:40:24 -0500 Report

Darly, because my husband is a heart patient, before his surgery, they did the pre-op as a hospital stay. I think this might be what you need. To be in a hospital setting for 3 days to a week where ALL this can be monitored by professionals while they run tests!!!! My husband was diagnosed with A-Fib, which they will address in a month or so…they want him to recover from the surgery. They are talking Cumadin. He has low blood pressure due to his Beta Blocker, but lately is has been running quite low, kinda like yours) and that is scary.

Have you made a list of all your meds with doses to show the therapist or nurse? Maybe something is interacting with another? I vote hospitalization and testing…have her push for it as necessary, ok? Hugs

Darly 2009-09-15 09:17:10 -0500 Report

I am sorry to hear about your husband's health. I hope he has a speedy recovery! My blood pressure is usually good,maybe from laying there all night it went low? I think the monitor I was hooked up to said my pulse was anywhere from 80's-110 tops,as the long night went on. She knows all the meds. I am on,she has been all over them,even cutting me down from 75mg-25mg on nortriptolyne (sp?) and cut out my adderall about 4 weeks ago in case these were the culprits…guess not. It does feel as though I can't feel my heartbeat that much when it is not racing so bad…that's how it was in hospital the other night. She has pushed for me so much only to get reprimanded for it!…I think I will have to wait it all out until Oct. 7th when I see my new primary care Dr. She has everything documented though. I am on aspirin therapy,one baby aspirin a day,that makes me bleed more. I am voting the same along with you…LOL I HATE hospitals though,even after I am in there 15 min.! I am suppose to have my PCP hook me up w/an appointment for a stress test.

I am okay,just taking a day at a time and not worrying about it. Last night my bedtime BS was 106! This AM was 129…Thank you so much S2…*Hugs* Darlene

Darly 2009-09-15 09:18:54 -0500 Report

I'm sorry,one more thing…my lungs seem to have been congested for a bit,making me cough to stop the rumbling,have no idea if this is related to A-Fib…

imsuzie2 2009-09-16 02:34:44 -0500 Report

Hi Darly

From my husband's A-Fib, I know his heart is not beating a regular beat. The congestion he had was due to smoking and the lung issues he may have to deal with in the future…but it is the lung tests that found his kidney cancer, same as Pat's. If we listen, the body will send us signals, we just need to listen! Hugs

Jaynie 2009-09-10 09:08:05 -0500 Report

I would definately keep testing your BS until you find a Doctor you trust. I also agree with the others, you should try eating a diabetic lifestyle as it can't hurt anything and could probably optimize your health.
I will keep you in my prayers.

Darly 2009-09-10 10:15:49 -0500 Report

I will keep testing as long as I can. This AM was 107, I had about 1/2 cup coffee with 2 sm. sugars,lil fat free cream…I felt my heart pounding,sweating,so I took it again, (was about 1-1/2 hrs. later), BS level was 171 so I did not dear have a 2nd cup!…I am trying to think of what I can sell to get more strips this week…ugh!!!

Thank you for your support!


imsuzie2 2009-09-11 04:21:42 -0500 Report

If you think the numbers on that site are too high, go to the American Diabetes Association to see what #'s they suggest.

Darly, what meter do you use? I use the Accu-Chek Compact Plus as my primary meter and the One Touch Ultra as a back-up. Both of the manufacturers are great in sending strips, diaries, lancets for the testers (I don't take insulin), even meters. Call the company that manufacturers your meter to see if they can send you some strips. Explain your situation. In the case of my Accu-Chek, Roche, the manufacturer has customer service open 24 hrs a day. Check your meter and call the c/s # hopefully on the back of the meter, if not there, look them up on your search engine, then call if they have a toll-free #, otherwise send them an email to their "contact us". I think you need to eat more than coffee for breakfast. Why not an egg or some cheese? Oatmeal is good, fruit…you can do it, sweetie. Hugs

GabbyPA 2009-09-08 12:05:19 -0500 Report

Just as many have said, I would continue to monitor what is going on inside. Those numbers are not normal at all, so there is something happening. If you keep a log book, keep track of what you are doing, eating, stress levels and so on along with your numbers. You will find patterns as you do this. That is a lot of how I learned what my body was doing and then I could talk to my doctor with some tracked information to help both of us understand my good and bad times. Remember, you are the one in control of your health. You have to be pro-active about it and do all the research and info gathering you can.

Darly 2009-09-08 22:06:53 -0500 Report

I will be calling the MD. at the top of S2's list tomorrow,I saw he is taking new patients on,and,not far away at all. I NEED to do this for myself as I am going insane with my therapist now,almost walked right out the door today,held back the tears. I really thought yogurt was alright to eat…I had a Dannon light & fit tonight @ 8:00 ,was 6 oz. I tested my BS level @ 9:30 for bedtime,it was 197,plus I was a little stressed. To me, no matter what, when looking at my levels I am not pre diabetic or "Borderline" like I was told,they are diabetic numbers.Yes,I have fibromyalgia but that does NOT mean I can't have diabetes also…These high numbers are not helping my body either, I do know that…what my therapist is thinking,or the way she is thinking I have no idea about anymore, she is not a Doctor,she is a NP working in the behavioral health field right now, she can keep it to that now, I do not need or want her help for anything,I will do this on my own. I will be going over to request my medical records from the health center where my old Dr. is…with that, you all have a good nights sleep. Thank you again!!


imsuzie2 2009-09-09 03:19:35 -0500 Report

Darly, sweetie, check out www.familydoctor.org , as they have a great section on BS #'s. From what I go by, I want my fasting morning (or afternoon due to my schedule) # to be below 120, but really want it 110 or lower. 2 hrs after eating, I believe it should be 160 or under…check out that site. If you are testing 1 hr after eating, I think it is too soon. Don't stress, just follow-up with the new doctor and the web site and check back in with us. Hugs

Darly 2009-09-10 08:33:27 -0500 Report

Hi S2, I did go to that site,it was very good,thank you! Their numbers to keep blood sugars below are kind of high I thought,anyways, thank you so much!

I was on the web yesterday putting together a list of Doctors near me,along w/the ones you gave me,the first one is not taking on new patients…I was ready to start calling when I got a message from the health center telling me I had an appt. on 10/03 @ 3:30 with a new Doctor! It is still a month away,but,I have one.

Thank you for everything!!!…How are you doing today? Hope all is well.

Darly 2009-09-01 08:11:17 -0500 Report

I have no idea what qualifications she has for diabetes. I know that she is a NP. and she has had classes on diabetes,has mental health patients with it. I thought to myself when she told me to stop testing "great,i don't have any problems with diabetes"…then as she was going over the BS levels,asking what I did on certain days as the day I went to my older son's & fiances house in Abington my BS levels were good. She never really seemed concerned the day it went to 424,high numbers all day,morning BS 167 the next day. I saw she was looking on a website,I asked her what it was,it was "Insulin resistance"…she seemed a bit confused as she said I did have symptoms but with my body it may be related to something else. I have fibromyalgia,for many,many years now..everything that I have symptoms of is always related to that,she gave me the book one time to read,I read some,then shut it and gave it back,everything you can think of is in there and contributed to fibromyalgia…even the insulin resistance,high cholesterol,ringing in the ears,inflammatory disease,so so many,it was like whatever you have blame it on the fibromyalgia…I guess I can blame my high cholesterol,315 on that too,my feet and legs that turn purple from bad circulation,the pain dryness,peeling of my feet also. I can go on & on.
Thank you all for your kind words,concern. I love you all on here,I have many friends here. I will test at least in the mornings…I just figured out,"why am I letting my therapist decide whether or not there is any kind of diabetes",she is really nice,helpful,sincere. She did tell me to eat an apple a day for my health.as I am having problems as I said and need a colonoscopy.

kdroberts 2009-09-01 10:35:49 -0500 Report

I think you need to find a doctor that knows diabetes and will go over everything with you and come up with a plan for you. Everything you write suggest you are getting so much mixed info and some of it is not great. Keep testing, especially after eating so you know what foods are doing to you. As far as the apple is concerned, your therapist is kind of having you play Russian roulette. Apples are often pretty bad for diabetics because of the sugar they contain and combined with her advice to not test you will never know if it is shooting up your blood sugar or doing you good.

As for the circulation and feet, everything you describe (including the cholesterol) are all very common symptoms/side effects of uncontrolled blood sugars. Some of the current research is also showing that some forms of type 2 are an inflammatory disease. A huge amount of stuff you say points to diabetes that is not controlled and the advice you are getting is not helping figure out if that's the case or not.

BLC 2009-08-31 20:12:19 -0500 Report

Darly, I am so sorry you have had so much trouble lately. I hope your not diabetic. But I would still keep a close eye on my sugar levels if I were you. It sounds like something is going on. Best of luck to you. Keep us informed about how your doing.

hbkunkel 2009-08-31 19:34:41 -0500 Report

I would test my blood sugar anyways. Good luck finding a better doctor that is willing to help you. I am not sure your therapist is qualified to tell you to stop testing your BS. Keep us posted.

Harlen 2009-08-31 18:58:53 -0500 Report

wishing you the best hun and I am glad you dont need to test all the time weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I would still see a good doc just to keep informed of what makes you BS going so low
best wishes hun

Sarguillo 2009-08-31 18:18:08 -0500 Report

Darly, Its a step. YOu now have a professional tell you that you dont have Diabetes. Its a start, but not a final. I like Robert would like you to know what type of theripist is this person and how are they qualified to diagnose diabetes or rule it out. My recomendation, is keep testing.
If you cant afford test strips all that much, test every morning and log it. Once you do find a doctor who you trust, then show them the log.
Good luck.
I still think you should start to think of yourself as a diabetic and start eating a diabetic style diet.
It wont kill you and might help you out in the long run.
Since you are not taking meds, I dont thing you need to worry about going low. As long as you do eat. But please be aware of what a low feels like.

Judimar 2009-08-31 16:24:30 -0500 Report

Hi Darlene,

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you can get into see a doctor soon. It is so frustrating when you hear a doctor you've been referred to is not taking new patients. Don't give up hope and keep trying to find a good one who is willing to work with you.