Not sure how to deal with this.

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I have Diabetes 2. I still don't know what I'am doing or even how to manage.

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my dreams
my dreams 2017-02-07 15:33:36 -0600 Report

Sorry I'm just down, learned my husband is going blind, he lost his vision in his left eye and hoping to save the right eye. We still have some little hope it's been hard on my husband and I. I'm so distracted and worry about my husband

suecsdy 2017-02-19 17:21:47 -0600 Report

So sorry to hear about your husband. I know it puts an added burden on you, but please take care of yourself or you won't be any good to him either. If it helps, why don't you start out slow, maybe change what you drink and cut the potatoes. Then in a few weeks work on getting rid of the rice and pasta. Portion control is also a big factor for diabetes. Learn what a serving size is. Please visit with us often and ask questions. Take care.

my dreams
my dreams 2017-02-07 15:23:12 -0600 Report

Thank you everyone for your help. I just don't know how to diet. never learned what to stay away from. I did take a class but some of it went in one ear and out the other. I was in shock, my sugar is sometimes in the 200 range. I don't even know after eating a meal when is it a good time to take your blood sugar. I'm just so frustrated, I can't even afford the foods to buy and what to buy. but I'm willing to learn.

Luis65 2017-02-07 07:15:17 -0600 Report

Welcome to Diabetic Connect. This is one of the best things you could do to learn about your new life with diabetes. Don't be afraid to post your questions and concerns here and whenever things get to be too much for you. We are here for the same thing and to help when we can.

Ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetic educator. Here's a website that can help you find one in your area:
Some hospitals offer classes as well. This is the beginning, to get good control means you have to take control of the disease. That means learning and acting on what you learn about how and what foods, activities and stress affect you blood glucose.

It is daunting for sure, but doable. Some of the regulars here have achieved amazing results. No, none of us is cured but we are working everyday to stave of the real life changing complications that come from out of control blood glucose.

And they are scary. That's what made me take it seriously was when a diabetic educator laid out the facts on the long term health effects of diabetes. This is a link to a page at DC on complications;
Never stop learning

suecsdy 2017-02-07 06:14:33 -0600 Report

Sometimes they're not very good about telling you what to do, they just want you to know you're diabetic. You have diabetes, here's your meter, test 4x a day and see me in a month. And you're left with a big question mark and no clue where to go or what to do. Can you eat? What can you eat? I was testing in the high 200's and all of a sudden, food was my enemy. Well you didn't get here overnight, and you can't fix it overnight. Ask your Dr what your blood sugar goals should be. Start changing your diet. Look into a into a low carb diet. It works well for many diabetics. Ask questions. Find a diabetes education class.

Cwinikoff1 2017-02-06 18:35:47 -0600 Report

Like Gabby said, we've all been there when first dx'd. We are all here to answer the questions you may have.

GabbyPA 2017-02-06 17:59:31 -0600 Report

It's okay to feel that way. Many of us felt the same way. I know when I was diagnosed I plowed in full steam, but that didn't allow me to deal with the feelings of diabetes. Those came later.

There are so many great ways you can use the site to research your questions. Or just pop one in here and people will chime in to help. Something that helped me in the beginning was to write down my questions and take that list with me to my doctor appointments and go through them with my doctor. Then I would also pair that with research and help from members here and friends who also deal with diabetes.

We are here to help out.