Levemir/Flex Pen

By cirrus1 Latest Reply 2009-09-10 13:36:12 -0500
Started 2009-08-31 01:20:56 -0500

I started on this pen a few days ago at 10 then 15 my sugar is nearly 400 has anyone else had this/?What do I do I guess I will contact the dr

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kdroberts 2009-09-10 08:28:47 -0500 Report

Are you type 1, type 2 or other? What were your blood sugars before you started the insulin? When are you testing your blood sugar? What are you eating? What kind of physical activity are you doing?

Harlen 2009-08-31 08:30:50 -0500 Report

That would be a good thing to do
your # are very high
good luck and keep us posted please

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