Is it real or is it memorex?????

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My doctor of 7 years says the pain in my legs and feet is "neuropothy". He did use the term diabetic in front of neuropothy. I said well I didn't know that I was diabetic. He said you are not that it was what is was just called.
Now, I have wakened man times during the night, many early morning, with such terrible burning pain in my legs. It is usually on the outside of my legs between the knee and ankle. But then I also get the same type pain in the top part of my feet. Closer in the direction of the toes.
Now my neurologist says it is "restless leg syndrome. Now the rls I have had for many years even as a child. It is a different feeling usually happening when I get tired. or before bed, or after I am in bed just about asleep.
I am going crazy with all these issues. I always thought I was pretty good at keeping my complaints to myself except during migraine time because that is a visable disease for me too.
Can you tell of my frustration? Even my youngest daughter, soon to be 35, said she thought alot of it is in my head.
This is a very difficult way for me to live. I use to think just the challenges which most times I could handle. Now, and many times, I actually feel like I am going to loose it.
Last night I was so upset,( beside myself,) because I am so burnt out from trying to explain, when even I don't understand, why I behave the way I do to my husband.
He kept bombarding me with questions. I had been doing some food prep and had a cutting knife in my hand. All I could think of is I ure would love to just put this in me and end it all. As I blurted out how can I explain it to you when I don't understand what is going on my hand went up to my head. I was alert enough to fight back with the hand movement and twist my wrist as the side of my hand hit my head instead.
I do not reread my post most of the time. SO, I do apologize if I seem to babble along the way.
I need help in some way or form.
Thank you so very kindly for the place to just vent. Not sure if it is appreciated though.
Thoughts please…

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One of my brother's has had neuropathy for over 10 years and he don't have diabetes. he is in horrible pain most of the time and takes a lot of pain meds and still hurts. Cara

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First and foremost I would get my doctor to check my blood glucose reading and then have a A1C test done. If your blood sugar is high then it plays havoc with your emotions and you think all sorts of very strange things. Having RLS and experiencing the pain you are describing is two very different issues. I am on requip for the RLS and that greatly helps with the urge to move and the tremors it can cause but this sounds different. Get to your doctor ASAP with a heart to heart talk and see if he can give you some better ideas. Really insist on the blood tests because they are the only true way to see if you are diabetic or not. Good luck and keep us posted.
Hugs, Betsie

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Have you discussed you emotions and confusion about the diagnosis with either of your doctor's? Were you given any medication for the RLS? These are things that need to be addressed immediately. As for your venting, this is a good place to do it. That is what we are here for. Hopefully, someone else may have some better ideas or suggestions for you than I. You definately need some help and support with your illness and with coping. My thoughts and prayers are with you.