I'm creating my own diet!

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After talking with an athlete of many years, it seems it is best for me to create MY OWN diet. This diet will cater to my needs as someone with so many allergies and sensitivities. Dieticians around here don't seems to understand my needs. LCHF will not work for me since the level of fat and protein I would need to consume I cannot tolerate. I also have bad skin (eczema) so I am also doing to address that concern with this diet.

I'm an Esthetician, so this all sounds so much fun to me! I'll be researching a ton and tweaking it to suit myself. I'm calling it the Diabeauty Diet. Any tips for me from the community? Any ideas on what to consider or diets to refer to for ideas?

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GabbyPA 2017-01-05 12:05:49 -0600 Report

I started in the paleo direction, shifted to low carb then discovered LCHF. I have pulled from all of them along the way what works for me and nixed what didn't. I am finding out that I have a lot of food intolerance that I am also now trying to clear up. So like you and so many of us here, we have to find what works for us individually. One size doesn't fit for sure. I look forward to your posts on what you are discovering works for you.

WASHED OUT 2017-01-05 11:25:24 -0600 Report

Have you tried Coconut oil as a body rub for eczema. Both my wife and I use this, and it is working really well. It is natural and readily is soaked up by the skin layers which many petroleum based rubs and medications do not do but only stay on top layers leaving you greasy. What are your allergies and sensitivities ?

cmr55 2017-01-08 06:46:43 -0600 Report

I make a scrub of coconut with sea salt. My husband had eczema put no longer since using the scrub. Great moisturize by it self. You can add essential oils

Kittiebitty 2017-01-05 17:39:38 -0600 Report

I have to be on the FODMAP diet for IBS. It's really confusing so I have a book on it that explains it better than the internet does. Basically it contains lists of okay food, eat sparingly and do not eat at all, why this is and how the body digests it. "The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders" by Sue Sherpard PhD.

This is some of what I CAN eat according to this diet: https://www.dietvsdisease.org/wp-content/uplo...

Now other than this diet I was told to be on, I can't tolerate high protein or high fat food. I've tried and gotten really sick. I vomit protein shakes for example and I can't handle digesting steak without extreme stomach pain. I'm also allergic to garlic, onion, soy products, uncooked fruits and uncooked veggies with skin. Fake sugar makes me really ill too so no sugars like Splenda. Only real sugar is okay for me. Those are the main allergies.

Gluten doesn't bother me and I've been tested for celiac disease with a negative. I've recently decided to cut a lot of dairy out. I'm only eating some cheese, greek yogurt and my coffee creamer. FODMAP wants me to eat carbs for breads and grains we notoriously aren't supposed to have so I still eat whole grain everything if I eat it.

Total headache.

I haven't tried to apply coconut oil to the skin but I have tried almond oil. Both can work, so I'll try coconut oil. I've heard you can also use it as a face wash. ;)

WASHED OUT 2017-01-05 19:42:39 -0600 Report

I have IBS and Colitis and some diverticulitis. I am very grain carb sensitive and have had stomach and bowel problems all my life. I simply do better without the grain carbs, my bowel has been more normal since the LCHF but I still have those days when it flares up. I think a lot of the problems may be coming from Lectins which are impossible to cut them all out. The idea is to get the body to heal quicker than the damage cause by lectins. Blueberries and certain other foods help that process, but there also are some supplements and probiotics that can help. There are many supplements that support your digestive health, but I believe the most beneficial leaky gut supplements are l-glutamine, probiotics, digestive enzymes, aloe vera juice, quercetin, NAG and licorice root.

My cousin was having problems with itching scaling and dryness on his legs. I had him try coconut oil and it worked amazingly, now he and his wife both use it daily like we do. Coconut is very close to our natural body oils, in fact the coconut milk can actually be used as an IV drip in emergencies because it is both sterile and compatible to the human body fluids. I would have never thought this stuff was so good until we tried it, I eat it cook with it and I use it for a body rub. Of course different Jars for each. I have also found out that Vitamin E oil and band aids can remove skin tags. I one under my arm that had worried me for years that was removed in about a week and a half. It just turned black and came off with the band aid. I would replace the band aid and retreat the cotton on the band aid and skin tag every two days. Keep it tightly covered and treated. There was no sore and no scare, it was just like it had never been there. I found that amazing, my daughter went to the doctor and had some removed and they left sores and they had to cauterize the blood vessels that went to them. There are a lot of strange things in this world that actually work , we just have to learn about them.

cmr55 2017-01-08 06:56:35 -0600 Report

Love vitamin e oil. Use it as moisturizer all my life on my face. 61 very little wrinkles on my Face. I have had beauty consultants ask me what I use. When in my 20s a lady in her 80s told me what to use. She had beautiful skin.