My little black rain cloud is slipping away!!!!!!!!

By jelipscomb Latest Reply 2009-08-29 01:16:55 -0500
Started 2009-08-28 11:17:25 -0500

This morning I woke up for the first time in months with a smile and a plan to take control back! I spent the evening reading post and I figured out what I HAD to do.I now have more knowledge and it's growing everyday;I've got the tools I need to work with;and with everyone here I have the support I need to get things moving!! But with all of this there is one problem…no one can do it for me!!! I have to do it for me and my family and friends.I have a lot of other things going against me but I've started saying to myself that God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. It only makes me stronger and I know I can take the next step! ME! I know it will never go away but I need to live and enjoy the life I have.So this morning I got out of bed and fixed my Court's hair for picture day. One baby step and the smile on her face is all I needed! So…GoodMorning everyone and I raise my coffee cup to a new day!!!

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dyanne 2009-08-29 01:16:55 -0500 Report

Good for you, so glad to hear that you are feeling better. There is always lite at the end of the tunnel. Remember God helps those who help themselves.So keep up the good work and keep smiling !!!!
Hugs dyanne

Judimar 2009-08-28 12:22:28 -0500 Report

Oh I am so pleased to hear this wonderful news!!! That is a great new attitude to have :)

There is only one you and you are a gift to this world. No one can ever replace you. Our lives touch others in some many, tiny ways. Each life that we touch is changed in some way.



Jipwhip 2009-08-28 12:16:08 -0500 Report

All right you have done it!! You have grabbed the bull by the horns. Way to go. Let the good times roll

hbkunkel 2009-08-28 11:29:32 -0500 Report

Congratulations on turning the corner:). Your awakening means you are accepting the facts of life and getting on with it to be the best mother, wife, friend, to everyone. Keep up the good work.

Harlen 2009-08-28 11:25:13 -0500 Report

Way to go hun Thats a good start keep up the good work
this is a good place with lots of frends here to help any time
Again way to go and good morning to you H

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