Diabetes and kidney disease

Darlene S.
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I'm still figuring out this site. Please be patient. I had yet another test yesterday at the hospital. They're watching and waiting, I think.
The diet thing is soooo tricky, isn't it???? I only have one kidney now and it is full of cysts. Therefore, my diet has to consider all the effects of the faulty kidney. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and the "perfect" amount of protein. Not too much, mot too little. BAH!!!!
I had a stroke in April. That was absolutely the first sign I had that anything was wrong. It was caused by the right kidney being full of cancer. A mass the size of a fist. They removed the whole kidney on May 7th, and God is good, so I recovered well and quickly. Soon they discovered that the other kidney is not functioning well because it has "numerous" cysts inside. The diet is the hardest part of my new life. My energy level isn't where I wish it was, but I'm back to work and trying hard to control all of the effects with food.
It's always interesting to share with others that are dealing with the same concerns and to learn what works and doesn't work for them. I hope you are doing well. May God bless us all on our journey. Darlene

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