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I am fairly new to this condition although I have other family members diagnosed with having it. But how would I know what "TYPE" am I at or in. With a blood sugar of 316. from my last check about a month ago..where or what type am I? please anyone with answer…

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mamaoak 2009-08-27 14:09:25 -0500 Report

you should get blood work done and your dr should tell you what type you are. i am type 2 . was diagnosed in jan.

Harlen 2009-08-27 13:01:51 -0500 Report

Good luck
It is a lot of work.
We all know you can do it
theres a lot of good frends here
and lots of info spend some time
reading the post and you will gather a lot of info
Keep us informed on how you are doing we care.Harlen

2009-08-27 10:46:36 -0500 Report

Welcome to the site. Your doctor should have told you what type you are. I would be asking him/her about your type. You can get alot of answers and advice here, but there are just some things you need to discuss with your doctor.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-27 12:55:52 -0500 Report

True, which is what I am planning to do next Tues when I ask MY Dr. was too upset to care before now! See, you are NOT ALONE, a lot of us are still wondering about this disease, and need to get our courage up and ask the Dr, then chat with others on this site to get settled into the whole process—-at least that is how I see it—-I was not a happy camper at first—but am adjusting——Pat Roth

kdroberts 2009-08-27 08:17:21 -0500 Report

You need the results of specific tests to help figure out the type. The tests specifically are fasting glucose, cholesterol, c-peptide, insulin and an insulin antibody panel. That should give you either a definite answer or fairly good guess at a type. You could also get genetic testing to see if you are one of the rarer types. However, my unscientific guess is that if you take smaller amounts of insulin you are likely type 1, if you take larger amounts of insulin or oral medication then you are likely type 2. Those are just really rough guesses, the only way to know is by getting blood work done, or asking your doctor.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-27 10:08:53 -0500 Report

kdroberts, I always look forward to reading your posts as you seem so intelligent and give practical information, where I come mostly from an emotional aspect. If you aren't a professional, you must read and study a lot, then RETAIN your info! What is funny is , I was NOT Told what I was either, just ASSUMED it was type 2, because of my age and weight—I have been mostly concerned about NOT EATING SWEETS and CARBs and the numbers—-hmmm—whatever, I am adjusting and finally accepting the dx and it hasn't been too bad as I remind myself of how many years I avoided the full—real—deal!! NOt everyone has had this time frame, so I am BLESSED!! PAt ROth

hbkunkel 2009-08-27 05:56:53 -0500 Report

Welcome aboard. YOu have come to the right place to help help and support. If nothing else, we can help you formulate a list of questions to ask your doctor so you are better informed and can then begin to do what you need to do to get your bs under control. Get back to your doctor and have him sit down and discuss everything with you. Also get to a diabetic educator and nutritionist so they can get you on the right track. Hang in there.
Hugs, Betsie

dj7110 2009-08-27 04:24:46 -0500 Report

how you developed diabetis is the main differences of types. there are 2 main types.. type 1 (also known as Juvenile diabtis) which comes about when the pancrease just doesn't work or produce insulin. Than there's type 2 which you don't produce enough insulin or your body is unable to sufficiantly break down the sugars/carbs you eat. Here is a link to a site that may help you understand the differences better.

Judimar 2009-08-27 01:29:47 -0500 Report

Your doctor would be the one to tell you that. If you aren't sure or can't remember being told, call the doctor's office and ask for clarification.

Celia - 38478
Celia - 38478 2009-08-26 22:43:25 -0500 Report

Your doctor didn't tell you when you were diagnosed ? I think that is what you are asking? I am type 2. I an 54 and told about 12 years ago. What did your doctor tell you? Are you on any meds? Insulin? This is a great place and everyone will answer your questons and help in any way they can. We can not diagnose you. We are not doctors. Welcom tho. You will love it here.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-26 22:33:57 -0500 Report

Welcome to our site! I don't know much either, just joined this site about 2 mos ago, I think—I am 77 yrs. old and was Borderline for over 50 years, but after having a nervous breakdown, then when my 2nd knee was replaced, 3 yrs ago, the surgeon announced that I now had diabetis too. I assurred him that it was just borderline and had been for many years and for him to not worry about it, as soon as I got my feet under me, I was sure that it would drop with just watching my diet !NOT!

It has now been 3 years and I have finally gotten a fasting down around 100, BUT mine was never over 190 during the day, and about 150-160 fasting, which to me still wasn't bad, but my Dr insisted on giving me Metformin 500 mg once a day to start with, then up to 750 once a day. If mine had been as high as yours, I would have been HIGH too! But don't let me scare you as others talk of theirs being high and are still with us, which does NOT mean to ignore it, BUT to get on it quickly! At least, that is my opinion based on my own experience. Hugs and Welcome!! Pat Roth

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