Pump Users Accessories (People who want comfort and discretion)

Zuma #13
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Hello, I'm new to this and wanted to let you know that I have found an item that I love and wear 24/7 for my insulin pump. It is a band but not big or tight or arts n craftsy. I have been wearing them for a couple of months now both the underwear and the belt bands and LOVE them. I am shouting to the mountain tops because the vendor is smaller and mostly sells via social media and good word of mouth. I have tried everything and find myself googling late at night through Amazon, medical websites or Etsy and found this on Pinterest and took it from there. www.hid-in.com I hope this helps you. I am so excited that there is something out there for professional people.

P.S. I work in national sales and am a professional person who works with clients and does not like my pump to be a topic of conversation ever. So I really needed something for work and now use this 24/7.

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