blood sugar levels.

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My blood sugar levels have been all over the place lately. Ranging from 49 to 480…yes really. I am curious about this. What is normal for a type 1 diabetic? I am seeing a doctor through a low income clinic so they really don't give me very good information except for those lame leaflets that you see in the doctors office. I eat good. Lots of proteins and low carbs. I dont understand why my blood sugar is roller coasting like this. I am getting cold rushes down my legs when I stand up…my toes are constantly on fire and I am dizzy all the time. I am scared and I cant go see my doctor because i dont have the funds to do so. does anyone out here know, or have some advice on what I can do to regulate this and maybe let me know what my blood sugar should be around? I really appreciate any advice…

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