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I was just informed that in order to be diabetic your BS level has to be 160 as a norm. That is not the case with me,my BS levels in the AM are in the 130's,up & down during the day,usually a little high at bedtime. My post meal BS can be anywhere from the 140's-170's,at one time it was 186,just that once. I can now stop testing and keeping track,which was a pain. I wish I knew this earlier,but,this is where you find your information,and,you will find answers as you go along.
Everyone on here is great,kind,caring,supportive and more!! I want to thank all of you for so much support and all.
I did go to the eye Dr. today,and need reading glasses,my vision was getting blurry the past few months,that is why I went,my distance is still great (thank you Lasik surgery!) close up is 20/100. Have a good evening,stay healthy! *HUGS* Darlene

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